Higher Education at cloud speed.

From the local community college to the global educational research institution, IT leaders across the nation recognize the power of technology to transform the campus. The common enabler- an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure designed to provide a secure, cost-effective environment to handle the requirements of today’s campus, and tomorrow’s needs. Browse through this collection of papers and videos to learn why campus IT leaders have turned to Oracle Cloud to prepare for their digital journey.

  • Rice University and Oracle Migrate the World's Largest Slave Trade Database to the Cloud

    Register to attend this webinar that will demonstrate the role that technology plays in collecting, storing, securing, and making accessible troves of structured and unstructured data that must be forever preserved and made available. Watch Now

  • Oregon State University Pioneers a Move to the Cloud

    Administrative Services Kent Kuo as he details the path of this remarkable cloud migration story. Get a deeper understanding of: Why the entire process took a mere 90 days, from design to launch How approximately 100 vendor integrations were up and running when the new system launched What factors helped to improve performance, security and disaster recovery Watch Now

  • Florida International University Makes Waves with Cloud Transformation

    Hear from Florida International University Vice President and CIO Robert Grillo as he discusses how this top Florida research university, located in the vibrant city of Miami, is accelerating academic success using cloud computing, while maintaining a long-term vision for future growth and success. Learn how analytics can be used to predict trends and understand how blockchain can create an immutable and permanent academic record that resides with the student from kindergarten to grad school. Watch Now

  • Campus Imperative: An Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure for Cost Savings and Innovation

    It's time to tackle the challenging work of re-examining how your institution runs its mission-critical applications. Updating legacy programs — financials, HR, student systems — is where substantive transformation occurs. Start your cloud migration plan here with these expert tips. Download Now

  • Youngstown State University Gets ROI from Cloud

    An aging server infrastructure was the impetus for Youngstown State University (YSU) in Ohio to move its core Ellucian Banner software to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Besides substantial cost savings, the university was able to eliminate legacy equipment and adopt an infrastructure based on the widely used Linux operating system, making it easier to recruit and retain knowledgeable IT staff. Download Now

  • Making the Most of a New Cloud Solution

    Until recently, the North Dakota University System relied on several on-premises databases for its operations. Those databases have significant impact on a large number of users. So when NDUS decided to move its databases to the cloud, it took a cautious approach. Download this case study to find out how NDUS made the transition and what it learned along the way. Download Now

  • University of Colorado Takes a Hybrid Journey to the Cloud

    The University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus (CU Denver) needed to modernize its IT infrastructure. But a wholesale migration to cloud wasn’t an option for the large public research university. When the university needed to refresh hardware for several on-premises database servers, IT leaders knew there had to be a better way. Hybrid was the answer. Download Now

  • Cloud Security for Dummies

    Learn how Oracle Cloud can help your university protect its infrastructure, apps, and data against cyberattacks, adhere to compliance mandates such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and much more. Download Now

  • Cloud Comes to the University of Nebraska: An IT Success Story

      Download Now

  • A Conversation with Harvard’s CIO

      Download Now

  • Marshall University Future Proofs the Campus with Cloud

    Explore the reasons behind Marshall’s cloud transformation, and why cloud infrastructure can help universities prepare for an unknown future. Watch Now