An Electronic Newsletter for IT Professionals in Higher Ed 3/25/2021


  • Podcast: New Horizon Report Forecasts Security and Privacy Trends in Higher Ed

    EDUCAUSE recently released its first Information Security Edition of the Horizon Report, profiling important trends, technologies and practices shaping the future of IT security and privacy in higher education. For this episode of the podcast, we talk with Brian Kelly, director of the cybersecurity program at EDUCAUSE, to discuss the new report, the technological trends on the horizon in IT security, how the pandemic is impacting privacy concerns, and more.

  • 6 Ways COVID-19 and Social Justice Intersect in Higher Ed

    Financial pressures, political unrest, health concerns — here's how the pandemic and concurrent equity challenges have impacted both institutions and their students.


Rearview: Trending 1 Year Ago

  • 15 Trends Shaping the Future of Higher Education

    The Educause 2020 Horizon Report has identified 15 social, technological, higher education and political trends that are influencing teaching and learning in higher ed today — and will have a lasting impact on tomorrow.



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