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  • Justice Department Looks Into Blackboard's Angel Acquisition

    The United States Department of Justice is apparently taking an interest in Blackboard's recent acquisition of Angel Learning. DOJ has been asking questions about the controversial buyout, according to Blackboard's chief rival in the commercial LMS space, Desire2Learn.More
  • Bryant & Stratton To Hold Graduation in Second Life for Online Students

    Bryant & Stratton College graduates will receive their degrees where they earned them--online. In what may be a first, the college will host a fully online, Second Life college graduation ceremony June 10, 2009. About 40 graduates from Bryant & Stratton's online degree programs have committed to receive their hard-earned degrees in their avatar form on the college's virtual campus.More
  • Southwestern Oklahoma State Rolls Out Public Digital Repository

    Southwestern Oklahoma State University has launched a new publicly accessible online digital repository, providing access to the university's historical documents.More
  • U New Hampshire Powered with Landfill Gas

    The University of New Hampshire has begun powering its campus primarily with landfill gas, a first for a campus in the United States. The 5 million square-foot campus is receiving up to 85 percent of its electricity and heat from purified natural gas through EcoLine, a landfill gas-to-energy project that uses purified methane gas from a nearby landfill.More
  • Hackers Hit UC Berkeley Health Services Center Database

    The University of California, Berkeley recently notified students, alumni, and others that their personal information may have been stolen after hackers attacked restricted computer databases in the campus' health services center.More
  • U Florida Expands High Performance Computing Center with Penguin Cluster

    The latest expansion of the University of Florida's new High-Performance Computing (HPC) Center is powered by an HPC Linux Cluster from Penguin Computing. The new addition brings the total compute capability at the HPC Center in Gainesville to 2,500 cores and about 11 teraflops.More