An Electronic Newsletter for IT Professionals in Higher Ed 6/14/2018


  • Turning Around an Enrollment Decline

    When Mesa Community College needed to crank up enrollment retention, it turned to an outside company for help. The result was a striking 9x return on investment.

  • Study: It's Time to Regulate Brokers Specializing in Student Data

    Information about students has become fair game for data brokers, which don't adhere to any protective measures currently in place, according to a new study by Fordham University's Center on Law and Information Policy. As "Transparency and the Marketplace for Student Data" reported, lists of student information are widely available for purchase "on the basis of ethnicity, affluence, religion, lifestyle, awkwardness and even a perceived or predicted need for family planning services." Those who trade in student information are governed under no federal privacy law.

  • Research: Slight Changes to Appearance of Privacy Warnings Significantly Improves Attention

    New research from a team at Brigham Young University finds that people tend to tune out security warnings as they see them more often. Using a few variations can significantly increase users' adherence to the warnings, the study found.


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