An Electronic Newsletter for IT Professionals in Higher Ed 2/28/2019


  • Technology for Student Support Abounds, but Implementation Remains an Obstacle

    Some 200 companies sell technologies and services intended to help colleges and universities with their student support work, which has become a $560 million business. Yet colleges and universities still have obstacles to overcome in implementing and integrating student support systems, according to a study undertaken by Tyton Partners.

  • Educause Releases Preview of 2019 Horizon Report

    Higher education I.T. association Educause recently released a preview of its 2019 Horizon Report, an analysis of the trends and technology developments that are likely to impact higher ed in the short-, mid- and long-term future.


Rearview: Trending 1 Year Ago

  • A Community Approach to Recycling Tech

    Towson University's EduCycle technology recycling program reconditions and redeploys computers that would otherwise end up in the e-waste pile. Volunteers from local schools and underserved communities help perform the refurbishing work, gaining hands-on computer skills while earning service-learning hours.



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