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  • Agile Factories To Fill Enterprise Demand

    Agile development methodologies may be gaining ground in the enterprise, but in academia, it's all waterfall all the time. Despite the changing times, most university and college computer science programs are still producing developers steeped in monolithic methods with little or no exposure to agile methods.
  • State College Wireless Coverage Effort Dies in South Dakota

    An effort in South Dakota by the Board of Regents to implement pervasive wireless in all six public campuses has fallen victim to the failing economy and employee lobbying. The Regents sent an e-mail memo to university administrators and regents, announcing the suspension of what was called the Mobile Computing Initiative owing to a lack of funding, while encouraging individual schools to implement wireless networks on their own.
  • USC School of Business To Run Virtual Storage

    The University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business has purchased Xiotech's Emprise 7000 storage area network (SAN) to increase network performance and improve storage management in a virtualized IT environment as the school transitions to a virtual server infrastructure.
  • Hebrew U Tech Transfer Company Launches Million-Dollar Cleantech Fund

    Yissum, the technology transfer arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is launching a million-dollar program to support the development of clean-tech inventions by scientists at the university. Initially, five technologies have been chosen for funding, three of which aim to reduce the polluting effects of toxic substances and create alternative, clean energy sources.
  • Dickinson College Integrates and Analyzes Data Using Rapid Insight

    Dickinson College has implemented Rapid Insight Analytics and Data Integration software to help predict student enrollment, financial aid allocation, diversity, class size, and other operational variables using data analysis and integration applications.
  • Irkutsk State To Train Oil and Gas Students on Paradigm Software

    Irkutsk State Technical University in Eastern Siberia will be running well log and petrophysical analysis software through a donation from Paradigm, which publishes global oil and natural gas exploration and production applications.
  • MIT Professor Creates Software To Organize the Details of Everyday Life

    Paper-bound humans may find relief from their accumulations of sticky notes, business cards, and to-do lists if an MIT computer science professor succeeds in a new initiative. David Karger, a member of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), has created, a simple program to capture all kinds of information scraps and to-do lists.