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Transform education with analytics. Learn how on 4/11.

Join us online on April 11 and learn how schools and colleges are using analytics to attract and retain top-performing teachers; tailor course offerings by learning styles; predict test scores; identify at-risk students; and more...
Attend the IBM Business Analytics Online Education Conference and discover the power of analytics to transform education.

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Professional Resources

  • Prepare Your Security Program for Next-Generation Devices
    Sponsored by: Sonicwall
    Learn how to: identify programs current strengths using the perspective of information security managers; understand which specific areas and practices should be the main focus of the programs; develop the programs for near and long-term growth.

  • Carrier Networks Prepare for Tomorrow's Data Usage
    Sponsored by: Fujitsu
    The explosion of internet bandwidth requirements means carrier networks have to find a better way to manage enormous amounts of data. Access this free white paper, to learn how the industry plans to increase network capacity, implement cost-efficient solutions, and plan for the future as data requirements continue to grow.