News Update
Breaking Stories in Higher Ed 3/16/2021


  • United States Spends $1.3 Trillion on Education

    The United States tops every other country in overall education spending, investing $1.3 trillion across all levels. That's more than seven times the next top contender, Germany, which spends $189.4 billion on education. However, we're only number 8 in terms of education spending as a percentage of the gross domestic product.

  • U Louisiana Monroe Outfits Classroom for Active and Hybrid Learning

    A new active learning classroom at University of Louisiana Monroe's College of Pharmacy is designed for one-on-one interaction in class as well as participation from remote students.

  • Augmenting the Learning Dialogue Online

    How can we move the remote learning experience farther away from a training model and closer to a collaborative learning model in which students participate together in the co-creation or discovery of knowledge? We asked Gardner Campbell for some perspectives from his research and from his own classroom.


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