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Breaking Stories in Higher Ed 11/23/2021


  • Digital Transformation in Higher Ed: What It Means and Where to Start

    The digital transformation of higher ed has been going on for years, but the current pandemic has brought that process into laser focus – and accelerated digital efforts perhaps like nothing else could. Institutions are going through deep shifts in culture, workforce and technology, enabling new educational models, transforming operations, and even changing the whole value proposition of a higher education. We spoke with Betsy Reinitz, director of enterprise and IT Programs at EDUCAUSE, about what digital transformation means, how to start a Dx journey, the biggest obstacles to Dx and more.


  • EAB Acquires Rapid Insight for User-Friendly Analytics

    EAB, a provider of research, enterprise technology and data-enabled services for education institutions, has announced the acquisition of Rapid Insight, maker of data analytics tools designed for ease of use and efficiency.

  • When It Comes to ROI, College Major Matters More than School Attended

    College doesn't always pay off. It depends on the major students pursue and how long it takes for a student to achieve her or his degree. Even attending an Ivy League school won't guarantee a high return on investment, according to a new report from the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity.

  • Planning for the Classroom of the Future

    The right combination of technology and training will ensure your learning spaces can adapt to ever-changing modes of instruction. Here are key considerations for future-proofing classrooms, supporting faculty and surviving the next pandemic.


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