AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 3/7/2017


  • When (Virtual) Reality Meets the Classroom

    Spurred by a new era of affordable, mainstream virtual reality tools, Indiana University is incorporating VR into high-tech classrooms called Reality Labs.

  • Immersive Education: VR Comes of Age

    Despite all the headlines and conference coverage of virtual reality (VR) for education over the last year, the technology is still gaining speed — residing at that sweet spot in the hype cycle where, when you place headsets on people and gently guide them to turn around to gain a full view, they tend to gasp and say, "Oh, wow."

  • Using AI Chatbots to Freeze ‘Summer Melt’ in Higher Ed

    Georgia State University partnered with Boston-based ed tech startup AdmitHub to test out text-based intervention in an effort to reduce "summer melt," or the dropout of students who accept admission but do not show up for fall enrollment. GSU launched "Pounce,” the first virtual assistant in the United States to use the company’s conversational AI technology.

  • It's Accessible and Affordable: Immersive Media in Higher Education

    Campus Technology talks with Penn State University Director of Education Technology Kyle Bowen about the directions immersive media has been taking in higher education and the practices that are making 3D, VR, AR, and 360 video technologies accessible for faculty and students.



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