AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 6/20/2017


  • 7 Tips for Getting Started With VR/AR

    Instructional technologists from Duke University and North Carolina State offer their advice on introducing virtual and augmented reality on campus.

  • Richard Culatta Has Big Dreams for ISTE

    Richard Culatta, the new CEO of ISTE, recently spoke with THE Journal about his experiences in education and ed tech, as well as his plans for ISTE as it prepares for its big summer conference this month in San Antonio, TX.



  • Q1 VR Headset Shipments Display a Bright Future

    Oculus Rift is out, but Oculus is in. Even as Facebook's virtual reality system had just 99,000 shipments during the first quarter of 2017, the Oculus deal with Samsung drove the latter company's shipments to five times as many units over the same period.

  • Wearables Market Continues Kick in First Quarter

    According to the latest device tracker from International Data Corporation, United States-based Apple and China-based smartphone maker Xiaomi have edged out the wearables leader Fitbit.

  • IoT to Represent More Than Half of Connected Device Landscape by 2021

    The total number of devices connected to IP networks is projected to be three times the global population by 2021. Internet of things (IoT) technologies specifically are expected to represent more than half of the total 27.1 billion devices and connections.

  • Research: Ordinary People Turn into Trolls Too

    A research project coming out of Cornell University and Stanford University found that online trolls are made, not born. Oftentimes, their origins come from how a person is feeling at the moment and whether others are displaying troll-like behavior too, the researchers found.


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