AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 11/28/2017


  • Creating a Space for Digital Media Innovation

    Rochester Institute of Technology's MAGIC Spell Studios explores the intersection of digital media, film, games and entrepreneurship. The facility breaks down silos between traditional fields such as arts, engineering and computing, and provides a commercial studio for all students, faculty and staff.



  • Campuses See Value of Digital Learning, but Lack a Plan

    In a recent survey, most chief academic officers (CAOs) at 359 two- and four-year institutions (86 percent) agreed that digital content and learning can improve the student experience. Eighty-seven percent of CAOs said digital learning resources "make learning more efficient and effective for students"; and 74 percent agreed that digital content would provide a richer and more personalized learning experience over print resources.

  • Survey: More Than Half of Students Want Their Classes to Go Digital

    Fifty-three percent of students in a recent survey said they prefer classes that use digital learning tools, according to a new report from McGraw-Hill Education.


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