AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 2/20/2018


  • McGill U Researcher: Smartphone Addiction Is Normal Need to Connect on Overdrive

    We stare at our phones all the time not because the devices themselves are addictive, but because we're driven to socialize, according to a recent literature review by researchers at McGill University.

  • Hacking Real-World Problems with Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Oklahoma State University's first inaugural "Virtual + Augmented Reality Hackathon" hosted January 26-27 by the Mixed Reality Lab in the university's College of Human Sciences gave students and the community a chance to tackle real-world problems using AR and VR tools, while offering researchers a glimpse into the ways teams work with digital media tools.

  • Change on the Horizon

    Educause's purchase of the New Media Consortium's assets gives a new home to the Horizon Report — and hopefully new life to the community behind the report's forecasts.




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