AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 4/3/2018


  • Florida International U Building Altered Reality Studio

    A new facility at Florida International University will give students hands-on experience with the creative, administrative and business aspects of virtual reality. Part of the institution's College of Communication, Architecture and the Arts, the new STAR Labs is described as a studio for altered reality, and will house a lab, theater, classrooms and offices.

  • AI Hive Mind Chooses Clean Water Over Education as Top World Priority

    Universal access to clean water should be the world's highest priority, according to a recent pronouncement by a "swarm artificial intelligence" system that connected 70 people in real time via AI algorithms designed to turn them into a "hive mind." Participants in the swarm were attendees of the South by Southwest conference this month in Austin, who were gathered by AI company Unanimous AI to "think together" on a variety of topics and provide "optimized insights."

  • Cornell Researchers Use AI to Understand Students' Math Struggles

    Researchers at Cornell University are working on software that will help math teachers understand what their students were thinking when making mistakes on their homework. The team is building an algorithm that reverse engineers the way students arrived at their answers.




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