AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 6/5/2018


  • MIT Engineers Build VR System to Train Racer Drones

    Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a virtual reality environment to train drones to fly fast around obstacles. Dubbed "Flight Goggles," the software causes drones to "see" virtual obstacles in space that is actually clear of physical objects — giving drones a way to fail during flight training without being involved in repeated, time-consuming accidents.

  • Competition Explores Creative Potential of AI with Minecraft

    A competition hosted by the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is challenging humans to create algorithms for producing adaptive settlements in Minecraft. (These are the villages and cities and other environments that players create at will in the online game.) The competition addresses a fairly new area of inquiry for machine learning in games: how to develop algorithms that can design rather than play.

  • Sony Adds 10-Inch Digital Paper Model

    Sony today introduced a 10-inch version of its Digital Paper device. The new model is "notebook-sized," compared to the original 13-inch "letter-sized" model.

  • Carnegie Mellon to Offer Undergrad AI Degrees

    Carnegie Mellon University has unveiled plans to launch an undergraduate degree program in artificial intelligence this fall. Offered through the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, the program will be the first undergrad degree in AI offered in the nation, according to information released by the university.




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