AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 9/18/2018


  • Bringing Primary Source Materials to Life with AR

    At Washington College, students become curators, using augmented reality to create museum exhibits of materials that otherwise require restricted physical access.

  • Educause Explores Future of Extended Reality on Campus

    An Educause project is examining the integration of 3D technologies — 3D scanning and printing, virtual reality and augmented reality — into education to create "extended reality."

  • Berkeley College Faculty Test VR for Learning

    In a pilot program at Berkeley College, members of a Virtual Reality Faculty Interest Group tested the use of virtual reality to immerse students in a variety of learning experiences. During winter 2018, seven different instructors in nearly as many disciplines used inexpensive Google Cardboard headsets along with apps on smartphones to virtually place students in North Korea, a taxicab and other environments as part of their classwork.




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