AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 5/7/2019


  • 3 Ed Tech Trends Stuck on the Horizon (and Why)

    It isn't often that forward-looking organizations take the time to look backwards too, but that's exactly what Educause has done in its latest Horizon Report. The association for IT professionals in higher education included a section in the report titled "Fail or Scale," which pulled out three technologies — adaptive learning, augmented and mixed reality and gaming and gamification — that have appeared in previous forecasts, to understand what's happened in the intervening years since they were predicted to have wide adoption.

  • Funding Is Top Roadblock to AR & VR in Education

    The education sector is forecast to spend more than $6 billion annually on augmented and virtual reality technologies by 2023. Funding for the technologies remains a major hurdle to adoption, but price points for equipment are dropping rapidly.




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