AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 10/15/2019


  • U Nevada Reno Workshops Help Students Create VR Content

    A university library in Nevada is hosting a set of immersion events that combine theory with practice. The University of Nevada, Reno has hosted virtual reality sessions for the last couple of years, ever since it opened @Reality, a 640-square-foot VR and augmented reality studio in the campus' Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center in 2017.

  • UTSA Lab Brings Large-Scale Engineering Testing to Campus

    The University of Texas at San Antonio has opened a Large-Scale Testing Laboratory to give student and faculty researchers a 50-foot-tall facility to test the structural integrity of systems.

  • New MIT Supercomputer Is Designed for AI

    MIT's new TX-GAIA supercomputer combines nearly 100 Intel processors and 900 Nvidia GPU accelerators to create a system optimized for AI applications.




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