AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 4/14/2020


  • Mobile Learning Can Promote Student Creativity When Done Right

    How can you push students to become more creative? It's not necessarily something that can be taught explicitly; however, it can become an implicit element in the activities you have students do. That was the topic for two University of Missouri researchers who concluded that mobile technology can enhance student learning and creativity if it's used appropriately.

  • University Creating 20,000 AR/VR Lessons

    Over the next two months, Kosovo's University for Business and Technology will be using the EON Reality platform to create 20,000 augmented/virtual reality lessons across a variety of subjects.

  • Seniors Invited to Participate in Minecraft Graduation Ceremony

    Some students are hitting Minecraft during their "self-quarantines" to recreate their campuses. And at least one group is planning a national graduation ceremony to take place in their virtual world.



  • CHLOE Report Advice for Online Learning: Focus on Completing Course Reqs

    This year's report on The Changing Landscape of Online Education comes as nearly every college and university in the land is taking its courses online in response to COVID-19. In an 11th-hour addition to the report, CHLOE researchers suggested that the immediate goal for any institution right now should be to have faculty communicate with students on completing the tasks and assignments they need to satisfy course requirements.



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