AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator 7/14/2020


  • Bringing Career Skills to Life in VR

    At Fox Valley Technical College, students are using virtual reality to safely explore the inner workings of a diesel engine — while it is running.

  • 2nd CT Virtual Summit on Distance Learning to Explore Higher Ed's New Normal

    Now that the initial fires of COVID-19 response have been put out, institutions are faced with a lot of unknowns for the fall semester. Campus Technology is convening campus leaders and ed tech experts to share their ideas and best practices in a second virtual event July 16.

  • Introducing the Campus Technology Insider Podcast

    In this first episode of the Campus Technology Insider podcast, "A Futurist's View of the Fall Semester," Executive Editor Rhea Kelly speaks with futurist Bryan Alexander about higher education's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the fall semester might play out as colleges and universities reopen.  




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