Preparing Students for Career Success with Next-Gen Skills in STEM, AI and More 2/18/2020


  • Report Finds Boot Camp Model Troubling

    An intensely researched study published on Class Central has dissected the economics of boot camps and found them to be poor venture capital investments — and possibly poor investments for their students too.

  • Competency-Led Hiring on the Rise

    Employers are increasingly considering competencies — rather than degrees — as the most important factor in hiring, according to a new report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

  • 3D Printing for Workplace Skills

    Penn State University's graduate-level Additive Manufacturing and Design program is giving students the technical and professional skills they need to succeed in the industry.  

  • Data and Machine Learning Propel Rise of Tech Jobs Through 2023

    According to a new analysis by International Data Corp., the fastest growing roles in technology over the next five years will be data scientist (13.7 percent growth over that period), machine learning design/development/engineer (13.6 percent growth) and data engineer (12.9 percent growth).

  • Partnership Teaches Grads 'Human Skills' for Tech Industry

    Not everybody is cut out for coding. Two universities have begun collaborating with a consulting company to teach their graduates and alumni skills for working in technology without forcing them learn how to program.



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