Artificial Intelligence

Here you'll find articles detailing new developments in artificial intelligence and how it's impacting higher education.

Deep Learning Helps U Missouri Researchers Predict New Material Behaviors

A research project at the University of Missouri is using "deep learning" to develop new materials and hopes high-performance computing can speed the process along.

10 Emerging Trends in Analytics Every CIO Should Know About

Augmented analytics and “explainable AI” are just two changes to data and analytics technology that should have "significant disruptive potential" over operations in the next three to five years.

5 Myths of AI

No, artificial intelligence can't replace the human brain, and no, we'll never really be able to make AI bias-free.

Conversational AI Chatbot Supports Prospective Students at University of South Carolina Aiken

Prospective students at the University of South Carolina Aiken can now get on-demand support throughout their admissions and enrollment process by communicating with an artificial intelligence chatbot.

Gonzaga University Employs Virtual Assistant for Tech Support

In an effort to improve the IT support experience for students and instructor, Gonzaga University has rolled out virtual assistant technology from noHold that uses artificial intelligence to communicate with users through a chat interface.

Paper Offers Framework for Reducing Algorithm Bias

A recent paper on algorithm development provided some guidance for how to reduce the bias inherent in AI algorithms as well as the harm those biases can have on underprivileged groups.

Artificial Intelligence Seeing Massive Surge in Education

Education will experience the third-largest growth of any sector, coming in slightly behind government (44.3 percent) and "personal and consumer services" (43.3 percent).

New Stanford Institute Focuses on Human Benefits of AI

Stanford University is launching a new institute with the mission to "advance artificial intelligence research, education, policy and practice to improve the human condition."

Machine Learning Augments 3D Design for Greater Precision

The innovation "is heading on the path to essentially allowing anyone to be a manufacturer."

Higher Ed Uncovering New Ways to Apply Data and AI Across Campus

The use of data analytics and artificial intelligence, the inevitability of data breaches and six other topical subjects made up the latest "State of Higher Education" report from consultancy firm Grant Thornton.

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