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Video Resource Center

This resource center offers real-world, hands-on insight into technology tools in higher education from the editors of Campus Technology and our vendor partners.

DEMO: Turnitin Gives a Sneak Peek at its AI Writing/ ChatGPT Detection Features Coming This Spring

Turnitin announced in early 2023 that it will soon launch new AI writing detection features for teachers as well as rubrics to help teachers form better assignments that are not easily "passed" if students misuse of ChatGPT and other AI writing tools in their work process. Turnitin's Principal Machine Learning Scientist David Adamson — featured on the March 2023 episode of THE Journal Insider podcast along with Director of Customer Engagement Patti West-Smith — shows in this video how the detection feature will work when it goes live to Turnitin education users in the coming weeks.

Estimated viewing time: 5:15 minutes

Tapping into Campus Resources for a Student-Led Security Operations Center

In this clip from the Campus Technology Insider podcast, Ernest Pringle, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO at the the University of South Carolina Aiken, talks about the impetus behind his institutions student-powered security operations center.

Estimated viewing time: 0:39 minutes

How Generative AI Can Push Student Learning Higher

In this clip from the Campus Technology Insider podcast, Dr. Kim Round, Associate Dean at the Western Governors University School of Education, talks about generative AI's potential for learning.

Estimated viewing time: 1:21 minutes