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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

The Digital Campus Starts with Cloud Communications

The transformation of higher education is underway. With the need for faster and more socially collaborative interaction for students, staff, and faculty, higher education has embarked, albeit slowly, into the digital transformation age. By retiring outdated communication modalities and introducing the capabilities and benefits of cloud-based communications and collaboration platforms, higher education has the opportunity to transform disconnected groups and siloed communications and create truly innovative digital campuses.

Improving the Networking Experience in Higher Education

Higher education networks can’t just be average, they need to be smart.

An improved network can transform life on and off campus. It can create better, smarter learning experiences, make life easier for faculty, students, staff, and visitors. Using artificial intelligence to support human intelligence networks can deliver flawless connectivity and become more effective and efficient for all in higher education.

A Real [AI] Class Act: Higher Education Variety Show

How leading higher education institutions are delivering great network experiences

Discover ways to leverage your network and deliver exceptional experiences for students, faculty, and visitors - on and off campus.

Taming Big Data for University Research

This Virginia Tech Hume Center for National Security and Technology research project into the impact of machine learning on radio frequency management lacked the computing power required to manage its vast quantities of data. Fortunately, Pure Storage FlashBlade eliminated the interference.

Your Guide to Choosing a Learning Management Platform: 6 Key Considerations

Are you confident that your Learning Management System (LMS) will support the needs of your institution now and in the future? As a best practice, your institution should audit your learning tech stack to determine if your LMS:

2020 TalentIndex: K-12 Education Research Report

In 2020, COVID-19 (82%) dwarfed the top issues identified in 2018, including budget, compensation, and student performance. Additionally, 72% said teacher and staff wellbeing influences academic and administrative operations.

How School Leaders Can Build an Equitable Foundation for Learning and Ensure Instructional Continuity

Unprecedented circumstances have forced K-12 leaders to rethink how they deliver education. In many cases, they have accessed CARES Act funds to invest in integrated technology tools that promote student growth, fuel teacher collaboration, and personalize learning — both in and out of the classroom.

Is Your Higher Ed Institution Ready to Modernize Your Applications?

In this new landscape, are your own legacy apps keeping pace? Follow along with this four-point checklist to evaluate your own systems and learn about key drivers influencing the data modernization trend.