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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

An Identity Framework for Higher Education Systems

Colleges and universities have an opportunity to make learning more accessible than ever—but first, they must solve a technology problem. Many campuses use outdated legacy identity systems with sprawling, open-source software. As a consequence, these institutions experience a great deal of technology debt, making a transition towards modern systems disruptive and costly. It’s time to change this approach: the results must justify the expense.

EdScoop Special Report: Colleges prepare to graduate to next-gen identity systems

The need for stronger security and more seamless access to virtual campus life prompts higher ed officials to consider agile, passwordless identity platforms.

Mass Notification Pandemic Playbook

The Mass Notification Pandemic Playbook offers detailed guidance on how to use a mass notification system to easily send out messages that reach everyone with information that impacts their well-being as it relates to COVID-19.

THE 2021 Mass Notification Buyer's Guide

Being able to reach everyone in your university has never been more critical. You can’t afford to have someone miss an important safety message, but how do you find the right tool to do it? The 2021 Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide offers the guidance you need to make the right decision. From the questions you need to ask vendors, to getting buy-in from the right people, this guide will help you select the best solution to achieve your safety goals.

eBook: Beyond Hybrid

Hybrid learning has been an essential part of many institutions' COVID response, but it's not the full story. Here's 5 articles exploring key considerations for higher education through the pandemic and beyond, including:

Okta Helps University of Notre Dame's Students and IT Team Work Smarter

The University of Notre Dame is a leading research institution with more than 18,200 students, faculty, and staff. The technology its stakeholders use to learn, teach, research, and collaborate has grown rapidly in recent years, creating an opportunity for the institution to modernize its approach to identity management and provide its campus users with a secure, seamless experience.

Technology and the Changing Mission of Projectors in Higher Education

As new, collaborative technologies become available to higher education institutions, both teachers and AV specialists have been tasked with finding effective, engaging and flexible projection solutions that promote dynamic, peer-to-peer learning. But where to start? In this document, you will learn:

Network Challenges In Higher Education Right Now

The pandemic catalyzed IT operations, compressing digital transformation efforts from years into weeks. Nowhere has that been more apparent than in higher education, which enabled remote work for staff and faculty and shifted from in-person to online teaching and learning practically overnight. An upshot of all that, as a recent Campus Technology survey discovered, is new appreciation on campus for the IT organization and its effective running of the network. But challenges remain. Download this informative infographic to learn more.