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How VR is Changing Online Education

Can virtual reality labs fill in for the real thing when your students can’t come to campus? This Arizona State University project intends to find out. Download this informative white paper to learn more.

End-to-End Server Security: The IT Leader’s Guide

As colleges and universities embark on the IT transformation journey, all too often IT leaders fail to place sufficient focus on server security. If security is neglected, the data center offers a myriad of security vulnerabilities and can become a prime target for malicious attacks. This best-practices white paper offers education IT leaders a framework to assess whether their vendors are “Security Leaders” or “Security Laggards.” Read this white paper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn the key questions every IT leader should pose when evaluating how well a server vendor can meet their college or university's needs.

Accelerate Business Agility with Faster Server Refresh Cycles

Education today is fueled by technology, but far too many colleges or universities are limping along with aging IT systems that drain innovation and cost too much. A recent IDC study measured the business outcome of refreshing an enterprise server infrastructure. It resulted in a 59% lower three-year cost of operations and an astonishing average $4.66 million of additional revenue per year per organization.

Modernizing IT in Higher Education

As technology evolves and student, faculty, and staff expectations continue to rise, modernizing campus technology systems is proving to be a daunting task. During a recent Campus Technology webcast, two experts joined Campus Technology Executive Editor, Rhea Kelly, to discuss how campus IT leaders can employ innovative solutions to help meet institutional goals, while navigating the complexity that comes with integrating new technologies. Download this helpful Digital Dialogue to read the valuable insight they shared.

Hidden Cost, Hidden Opportunities

In a time where many universities are under pressure to save money to stick to tightening budgets, knowing how cost-effective and efficient one’s desktop office equipment and devices are is a necessity. That’s where TCO comes in. A TCO (total cost of ownership) analysis looks at direct and indirect costs, like acquisition costs, upgrade and maintenance costs, among others, to uncover hidden opportunities for saving money.

Elizabeth City State University Makes the Educated Decision to Migrate to Nutanix

Elizabeth State University faced a few major challenges. One of the biggest challenges facing ECSU's IT team was the delay in deploying new infrastructure. In addition, many of ECSU's existing systems had also reached end-of-life, making refresh an urgent need.

Texas A&M University System Graudates to Nutanix

The Texas A&M University System is one of the largest higher education systems in the nation, with an annual budget of over $4.2 billion. Through a statewide network of 11 universities, seven state agencies, two service units, and a comprehensive health science center, the system educates more than 140,000 students and makes more than 22 million additional educational contacts through service and outreach programs each year.

The Path to IT Modernization in Higher Ed

Higher education institutions are starting to apply data-intensive strategies in almost every facet of their work. Data analytics and other advanced IT tools give colleges and universities powerful new ways to support student achievement and engagement and to enhance life on campus. Video is playing a greater role in instruction, and large datasets have become a staple in some faculty research. The more a higher education institutions capitalizes on data, the greater the demand this data usage places on its IT infrastructure.