White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Assessing Competency-based Education

Looking for help on how to best design and implement an assessment strategy for CBE?

Getting Started with Competency-based Education

If your institution is just beginning to explore CBE or in the planning stages for a CBE program, this is the guide you’ll need.

Learners Become Masters: Answering Five Key Questions about CBE

This eBook explains the five most important things you’ll need to know about CBE.

HP Z Workstations in Education

HP Z Workstations are built for professional applications, designed for easy setup and servicing, and sold at prices that make sense for educational budgets. Learn more about how you can give your students a professional experience with HP Z Workstations.

Higher Education Reaches the Cloud

With 11 colleges and schools on campuses spanning more than 250 miles of Georgia landscape, Mercer University’s 41-person IT team faces unique challenges instigated by distance and the common difficulty of being exponentially outnumbered by students and computers. Mercer University needed to create a cost efficient and easily scalable desktop virtualization system for an increasing number of students. This case study details the successful deployment of a desktop virtualization system that offered the right combination of visual aesthetic, functionality, including ease-of-use and serviceability as well as cost.

A Forward-Thinking Expansion of Customization and Shipping Capabilities

PC Connection, Inc. has relocated our Distribution and Configuration Center operations to a tremendous, cutting-edge facility that has effectively doubled our capacity for shipment and custom configuration, positioning us to meet your needs well into the future. Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction is our top priority, and our enhanced facility enables us to respond to customer needs—and continue to offer a quality of service that is second to none.

Case Study: Texas A&M University Samsung Displays Help to Construct State-of-the-Science Learning Environment

Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture needed to redesign a 98-year-old campus building to serve as a dedicated facility for the study of construction science. High-quality displays were needed for a state-ofthe-art BIM CAVE (Computer Aided Virtual Environment for Building Information Modeling) to create a 4D simulation of building designs .The facility also needed displays for classrooms, conference rooms, and hallways.

Solid State Drives: Which is Right for your Educational Institution?

Known for their durability, reliability and lightning-fast transactional performance, solid state drives (SSDs) are increasingly being integrated into organizations' data management strategies. But not all SSDs are created equal. Some are consumer grade, and others are designed specifically for use in data centers. Read on to learn the distinctions between them, and why you should consider investing in data center-class SSDs to protect your high-value data.