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Maker Commons in the Modern Library

The best college and university libraries are hotbeds of innovation. To push the cutting edge of education and the quest for knowledge, librarians have embraced new forms of technology, creative learning spaces and anything else they can come up with to benefit their patrons. Many librarians have come to recognize the impact of having makerspaces within library walls. What is it about the library environment that makes it so conducive to the makerspace movement? This report will explore the many reasons 3D printing belongs in your library, based on the experiences of two institutions.

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UT Dallas Goes Virtual

Many colleges and universities throughout the country are looking to modernize their IT infrastructure to accommodate increasing demands for capacity and performance from their student populations. In a recent Campus Technology Webcast, sponsored by Pure Storage, John McConnell, IT manager for the School of Engineering at the University of Texas, spoke about his university’s journey from traditional storage to flash storage and their roll-out of VDI. Download this exclusive Digital Dialogue to learn how the VDI infrastructure at UT Dallas gives students access to data intensive applications both remotely and seamlessly and without any latency.

Apple Native Security for Higher Education Institutions

Higher education information security is a never-ending battle against constantly evolving threats. Attackers are increasingly sophisticated and their attack vectors are always changing. The threat landscape is expanding, with new devices joining higher education institution networks every day. One solution to this security challenge is to embrace the Apple platform and take advantage of the native Apple security frameworks. For universities and colleges around the world, this allows for good device security without compromising on user experience.

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The Guide to Mac OS X Deployment in Higher Education

So your university is about to deploy Mac computers to your faculty and students, and you’re not sure where to start? That’s where the Apple Management Experts can help. Since 2002, JAMF Software—and our Casper Suite solution—have helped higher education institutions across the globe ensure their Apple programs are a success.

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Survey Report: Managing Apple Devices in Higher Education

The annual managing Apple Devices in Higher Education survey uncovers trends associated with Apple adoption in higher education, what’s driving Apple’s evolving role, and the profound security and management implications of supporting the Apple platform.

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Live Streaming on Campus: 2015 Benchmark Report

Wowza Media Systems recently conducted a worldwide survey of higher-education institutions to determine the value of video streaming, and how it is being used across campuses. The results are thought provoking and exciting for the future of streaming in education.