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  • A Modern Blueprint for Achieving Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery

    Join Enquizit and Florida State University for an insightful webinar that will demonstrate how inhibitors to cloud adoption can be overcome to achieve what’s being regarded as an industry game-changer to establishing innovative, cost-effective, and reliable disaster recovery capabilities. 08/04/20 Register Now

  • IT Fallout from the Emergency Move to Online Learning

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and institutions were faced with the sudden need to close campuses and move courses online, let’s face it: A lot of shortcuts were taken, bypassing traditional IT policies. Students, faculty and staff were using their personal devices to access university systems. They were signing up for new learning tools right and left. They were accessing the internet over open (and vulnerable) public WiFi. In this session, Brian Fodrey, CIO for Stevenson University, will discuss what institutions can do to rein in these IT security risks and better protect systems and data. 07/16/20 Register Now