• IBM SPSS Statistics for Academic Institutions

    For 50 years, IBM SPSS Statistics has been helping academic institutions around the world gain predictive, actionable insights so that they can be confident they are making the best decisions, every time. IBM SPSS Statistics empowers administrators and educators to use data about students’ past and present performance to predict their future success. By understanding the combination of factors that lead to dropouts and identifying at-risk students, teachers and administrators can proactively intervene to ensure students not only graduate but are successful. 06/14/18 Register Now

  • Choosing the Right Signage Solution: Projectors and Displays in Higher Education Applications

    Choosing the right visual technology can be daunting. In this webcast, Peter Putman, President of ROAM Consulting LLC, leads a discussion on choosing the right signage solutions for key higher education applications including classrooms, campus signage, and collaboration spaces. 05/17/18 Register Now