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Higher Education Webcasts from Our Sponsors.

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Innovation Unleashed: Exploring AI's Impact on Education IT Documentation

Join this fireside chat webcast on May 21, to explore the untapped opportunities that arise when education IT teams intelligently centralize data, preserve knowledge and standardize procedures across the institution. Don't miss it!

Visual AI: A Proactive Solution to Prevent School Shootings

Register today to discover how artificial intelligence is redefining school safety and helping ensure our students and faculty can get back to focusing on education.

Mastering Content Governance in Higher Ed: UMass Amherst’s Digital Revolution

Join this webinar to discover how to create a digital presence that doesn't just meet current expectations but sets standards for engagement and accessibility in the higher education sector. Register today!

Leveraging AI on Campus: How to Get from Strategy to Practical Implementation

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence technology has made it imperative for higher education institutions to reevaluate and revamp their AI strategies, in order to make the most of existing and emerging capabilities impacting teaching, learning, research, and business operations. A well-honed strategy alone is not enough. Colleges and universities need a plan to prioritize their AI efforts, set aside the resources to fuel development, and move forward with implementation.

Driving Efficiencies in IT: Laying a Solid Foundation for Innovation

In this fireside chat webcast, Campus Technology Editor in Chief Rhea Kelly will speak with Nadir Merchant, General Manager from IT Glue, about how intelligence-driven IT documentation can help IT teams streamline their operations and empower them to pursue strategic innovation and better support the institutional mission.

Access Assurance Revolution: Unlocking the Future of Network Access Control

Join our session to explore a cutting-edge cloud-based access control solution offering centralized management, real-time updates, robust visibility, cloud-based diagnostics, and more.

Do Cyber Attackers Value Your Data More than You Do?

In higher education's complex and increasingly competitive environment, data is currency — the essential medium enabling decision-making, research, and the student experience across an institution. The invaluable role of data has upped the stakes when it comes to cybersecurity. New technologies such as AI require a renewed focus on security in order to be leveraged to their full potential, and cyber attacks carry a heavy price not only in response and recovery costs, but also in loss of community confidence. What is the correct mix of effort, time, and resources to protect institutional data, systems, and reputation and provide a solid foundation for technology innovation?