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Balancing Security and Access Pivotal to a Better Educational Experience

The digital transformation happening within higher education campuses creates numerous opportunities for an improved learning experience. Students’ and faculty’s increasing demands for access to resources and information and researchers’ desire for easier collaboration and data sharing have challenged campus IT to develop a perfect balance between network security and access security without increasing the vulnerability of campus networks’ to cyberattacks, exposing school’s protected information and potentially costing colleges and universities millions of dollars.

Date: 06/08/16

Time: 11:00 AM PT

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Mental Models and Student Risk: How Different Ways of Thinking Drive Our Tech Decisions

Mental models frame an individual’s thought process relating to a particular concept. This webcast will outline six mental models in higher education for thinking about student risk.

Today’s Public Sector Data Center: Enabling Modern Service Delivery Through Innovation and Efficiency

The pace of technological change is relentless. It’s changing the way we do business, the way we communicate, even the very way we live. In many cases, private sector enterprises are leaps and bounds ahead of the public sector organizations. It’s time to catch up.

New York City STEM Summer 2015 Program: Key Technology Learnings

In summer 2015, NYC’s Department of Education collaborated with Microsoft Education and NYU’s Center for K12 STEM Education to run NYC Summer STEM. Come and learn how NYC students and teachers utilized the features of Office 365 Education.

Optimizing IT on Campus

Colleges and universities have some unique requirements when it comes to their IT infrastructure. Deploying and maintaining IT in academia is an often delicate balance of meeting student needs, administrative needs, ensuring everything is kept up to date and running smoothly and doing so within a tight budget and on tight timeframes. Join this discussion with three leading universities to learn to best optimize the IT landscape of your university to keep everyone satisfied and productive, maintaining a positive learning environment, an efficient back-office platform and streamlined process for updates and resolving any issues.

Why Moodle Matters

In a LMS market full of uncertainty, the only guarantee is change. One constant amid this turbulence has been open-source Moodle. Join us to explore the increasing importance of open source and why Moodle’s popularity is once again on the rise.

Protecting Your Institution from Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

Hackers around the globe today are launching increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, and many organizations are seeking tools that provide advanced protection. In the wake of so many data breaches and threats, institutions must now ensure they are using the right technology tools that will protect their data and ensure their students’ privacy.

The Digital Revolution in Higher Education: The Importance of Presidential Vision in Driving Change

Higher education faces many challenges today: Shifts in society, attitudes toward higher education, and the rapid pace of technological change all affect today’s colleges and universities. Applying modern technology can improve the academic and administrative experience, but leadership is critical in ensuring that the right vision and tone are set for change. The president plays a critical role in ensuring that members from across the university, including academic and administrative leaders, are engaged and actively participating in setting and executing on that vision.