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Higher Education Webcasts from Our Sponsors.

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Higher Education and the Alternative Cloud

Edtech innovators are hosting and scaling learning platforms and tools using cloud providers other than AWS, Google, or Microsoft Azure, allowing universities to reach educators and students worldwide cost-effectively. In addition, cost-conscious universities are turning to alternative cloud providers for infrastructure that keeps their institutions online and scales without worrying about contracts or unpredictable expenses.

Elevate the Campus Experience: How IT Analytics Delivers Better Student Experiences

Learn how a cloud-managed platform can meet ever-changing demands of today’s environment, easily adapt and scale to improve the campus experience.

Protecting Campus Data in an Era of Evolving Risk

The relentless rise of ransomware is hurting higher education at a time when IT systems are seemingly at their most vulnerable. Protecting data and the ability to rapidly restore your back up following a ransomware attack is critical.

Duration: 1 Hr

Campus Technology Leadership Summit: Data Practices that Drive Student Success

Colleges and universities today are generating vast quantities of student data, and the explosive increase in use of digital tools during the pandemic has potentially piled even more data onto the heap. Yet sorting through the noise — integrating systems, applying analytics, gleaning practical insights and ultimately moving the needle on student success — remains one of higher education’s biggest challenges. In this one-day event, education and IT leaders will share their insights and best practices for making meaningful use of data now and building a data strategy for the future.

Creating a Culture of Evidence and Action

To achieve student success goals, institutions must put data at the heart of decision-making — but also follow through with strategic communications and interventions that make a measurable impact. In this session, Todd Brann, Senior Assistant Provost and Executive Director for Institutional Research, Analytics and Decision Support at the University of Kentucky, will share the principles and structure behind UK’s student success efforts and how a laser focus on data and analytics allows the university to react quickly to trends, better support students and boost retention rates.

Deepening Our Understanding of Students Through Data

Higher education institutions are well versed in using data to inform decision-making — but when it comes to students, the information we collect can be one-dimensional. In this session, leaders from Achieving the Dream will share insights from “Knowing Our Students,” a recently released guidebook examining what it means to really know students and how to use data more effectively to support student success and close equity gaps. Attendees will leave with an understanding of what is included in the guidebook, what data points are most useful to understand students in new ways, and a process to support the use of these data to design a student experience that meets students where they are.

Why Higher Education Needs Analytics Now More than Ever

Many of today’s challenges in higher education — declining enrollments, a global pandemic, and evolving student needs and expectations — are steeped in data. And institutions that develop analytics to inform strategic needs will be better positioned to survive and thrive in the future. In this session, Jason Simon, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Data, Analytics and Institutional Research at the University of North Texas, will offer lessons learned from UNT’s Insights analytics initiative and key steps for moving from “data-rich, information-poor” to analytics success.

8 Essential Elements for Increasing Cybersecurity Awareness on Your Campus

You'll leave this free webinar armed with the 8 essential elements for securing your college or university, beginning immediately.