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Backpack Journalism - Preparing Your Students to Tell Their Stories - Solo

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Do your broadcast journalism and communication students have the technical and creative skills they need to succeed in this fast evolving market? Today's backpack journalists are not only reporting the news, but also writing, shooting, producing, and editing their own work.

Make sure your students are ready for jobs in the real world newsroom. Join us Jan. 22, to hear about Washington State University's Murrow Backpack Journalism Project. Lucrezia Paxson, of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, will share an overview of the project, what students are learning and the tools they're using to shoot, capture and edit on the go.  Register today to hear:

  • The technical and creative skills emerging journalists need in order to be marketable;
  • What editors and producers are looking for in new hires;
  • What technologies are used in today's newsrooms;
  • How Sony's Video Journalist Backpacks can get your students ready for real-world reporting.

Mark your calendars now for this important event. Register now!