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Orchestrating AI Change with an AI Maestro

As AI is integrated across institutional systems, leading organizations will need an individual who can master the art of applying the technology to accelerate performance while maintaining harmony in the enterprise.

War of the Hybrid Worlds 2024: Going Where We've Never Gone Before

The global pandemic thrust online teaching to the forefront. Online enrollments rose while campus enrollments declined. Is face-to-face teaching doomed? Will virtual campuses be the norm? Is there no middle ground?

Point Solutions Are Only the Start for AI in Grants and Research

Artificial intelligence will make research management smarter, easier to use, and more valuable — enabling quicker, better decisions for both researchers and administrators.

How Institutions Can Prepare Their IT Environments for a Data Science Program

Investing in IT infrastructure can empower institutions to offer a robust data science program and establish their own data science practice. What’s more, these two aspects of data science — program and practice — can enhance each other.

Who's on First: Defining Institutional Roles in the Age of AI

Higher education is no stranger to disruptive technologies, and artificial intelligence is the latest to transform teaching, learning, and research. In order to thrive in this new age, institutions must plan, collaborate, and communicate an AI strategy for stakeholders across the campus.

Trust and Transparency Are Key Factors When Using AI in Academia

Much can be learned from embracing artificial intelligence in the teaching and learning process. Here, two professors share their experiences using ChatGPT freely in the classroom.

What the Past Can Teach Us About the Future of AI and Education

Current attitudes toward generative AI hearken back to early skepticism about the impact of the internet on education. Both then and now, technology has created challenges but also opportunities that can't be ignored.

Why Banning ChatGPT in Class Is a Mistake

Artificial intelligence can be a valuable learning tool, if used in the right context. Here are ways to embrace ChatGPT and encourage students to think critically about the content it produces.

5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2023

As higher education moves into the second wave of Dx — aligning digital efforts with institutional success — here are five key trends to watch.

Global Education Needs More Institutions Participating in Open Doors Research

With better international education data collection and reporting, the industry will have a more accurate and on-demand dataset that can bolster advocacy efforts and help organizations track trends and address emerging needs.