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Hyperconvergence: Reducing Costs and Complexity in the Datacenter

We know stakeholders, students, and citizens are all demanding more, putting even greater strain on an organization’s infrastructure and expertise. There’s no “one size fits all” solution to optimize data center efficiency. Can hyperconvergence help?

Indiana University Mobilizes Teaching, Learning & the Student Experience

Students, faculty and staff are witnessing the evolution of the digital campus where technology is in the forefront of transforming the face of teaching and learning in such a way that classrooms, libraries and campuses will no longer look anything like the way that many students currently learn today.

Empowering Students Creative and Innovative Minds with 3D Printing for Art and Design

The G3D Super Lab is greatly expanding opportunities to an ever so diverse, creative and tech savvy generation. The new 3D printing and additive manufacturing facilities are empowering our students' creative and innovative minds with new designs for the future. This webinar will highlight the direction that East Stroudsburg University's Art + Design Department is taking their 3D printing program. Topics will range from product design presented by Jocelyn Kolb to the 3D world beyond presented by Darlene Farris-LaBar.

Balancing Security and Access Pivotal to a Better Educational Experience

The digital transformation happening within higher education campuses creates numerous opportunities for an improved learning experience. Students’ and faculty’s increasing demands for access to resources and information and researchers’ desire for easier collaboration and data sharing have challenged campus IT to develop a perfect balance between network security and access security without increasing the vulnerability of campus networks’ to cyberattacks, exposing school’s protected information and potentially costing colleges and universities millions of dollars.

Mental Models and Student Risk: How Different Ways of Thinking Drive Our Tech Decisions

Mental models frame an individual’s thought process relating to a particular concept. This webcast will outline six mental models in higher education for thinking about student risk.

Today’s Public Sector Data Center: Enabling Modern Service Delivery Through Innovation and Efficiency

The pace of technological change is relentless. It’s changing the way we do business, the way we communicate, even the very way we live. In many cases, private sector enterprises are leaps and bounds ahead of the public sector organizations. It’s time to catch up.

Advantages of HD Network-Based Audio/Video Recording in a Campus Environment

In today’s campus environment, applications for the use of recorded multimedia continue to grow. The ability to easily record and review audio/video content can improve student collaboration, make distance learning more effective, enhance study habits, and facilitate more accurate assessment and documentation of student performance. Steve Cina from IPVideo Corporation shows you the advantages of network-based audio/video recording, which allow for HD quality video recordings to be viewed live, cataloged, archived and played back easily across the network.