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Higher Education Webcasts from Our Sponsors.

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Scaling up Campus Infrastructure to Meet Demands of Remote Work and Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented strains on campus systems and IT staff. With more faculty and students working and learning remotely, institutions are increasingly turning to cloud and virtualization solutions to meet performance, scalability and budget requirements. In this webcast, we’ll talk with higher ed IT leaders in the trenches about the current challenges colleges and universities are facing and the technology infrastructure needed to move forward.

Date: 11/17/20

Time: 11:00 AM PT

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Teaching Technology Trends: Remote Spring Data and Future Implications

What impact has the pandemic-induced remote spring had on teaching and learning technology usage trends in U.S. higher education, and what do 2020 tech patterns suggest about the student experience of the future? Richard Garrett, chief research officer at higher education research firm Eduventures, will share insights from the fifth Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) report, based on a unique survey of online learning leaders undertaken by Eduventures and Quality Matters. The presentation will consider which solutions are most used, the level of standardization within institutions, the extent of cloud adoption and more. We’ll also examine long-term technology adoption trends based on data from Eduventures partner ListEDTech.

Lessons Learned from Remote Teaching and Learning

At Boston University, faculty and students have been sharing their tech tools, tips and experiences with remote learning in a series of talks focused on strategies for creating better educational experiences online. In this session, Dr. Deborah Breen, director of BU’s Center for Teaching and Learning, will talk about how her institution is building community around faculty best practices, as well as specific takeaways for engaging students remotely.

Campus Technology Distance Learning Summit: Fall 2020

As colleges and universities navigate the ever-shifting challenges of higher education’s “new normal,” they are also looking ahead: How can the lessons learned from the pandemic redefine teaching and learning moving forward? And how can the technology decisions made today impact the future? In thoughtful hour-long editorial sessions, education and IT leaders will share their ideas, experiences and outlook, and engage attendees with a live Q&A.

How the Pandemic Gave IT a Seat at the Table

For information technology leaders in higher education, one silver lining of the pandemic has been the opportunity it has given IT to shine at a strategic level. In this panel discussion, CIOs will share how they have been able to get involved in pandemic response planning, fast-track IT projects, provide critical solutions to campus challenges, elevate the position of IT within institutional leadership, and more.

Leveraging Identity and Access Management to Overcome Higher Ed’s COVID-19 IT Challenges

Join Identity Automation and Moran Technology Consulting for a live webinar on Wednesday, October 14 to discover why modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the key to enabling academic continuity in higher education. By providing streamlined and secure remote access, automated identity lifecycle management, and the flexibility to support evolving business requirements, IAM allows higher education to do more with less resources while enhancing security and the end user experience.

Coping with COVID-19 | How to deliver a superior student experience while ensuring campus safety

Join Kelly Kliner from QLess and Osmani Sanchez from FIU as they discuss how to deliver a superior student experience while maintaining social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fulfilling the Promise of Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in Higher Education

It is undeniable that big data analytics provide a real opportunity to academic institutions, specifically in predictive and prescriptive analytics. However, the McKinsey Study on Higher Education shows that academic institutions have the lowest adoption of predictive and prescriptive methodology. This divide can be overcome through thoughtful analysis of an institutions' technology ecosystem and a use case driven approach to implementation. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) provide institutions the ability to analyze large sets of data that can be used to focus more intently on the individual learner. On a broader scale, student data can also be parsed through predictive churn to focus on finding, retaining and supporting the next generation of student freshmen.