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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Higher Education Summit - Data Strategies - Driving Better Experiences

Network transformation enables higher education and research organizations to drive a better learning experience.

The Power of Partnership – How Enquizit helped the Wharton School Innovate to the AWS Cloud

Hiring a cloud migration partner not only speeds up the migration process, but it also ensures a solution that doesn’t just duplicate your current on-prem efforts over into the cloud, but actually positions your organization for future business scaling and long-term success. In this piece, we’ll explore how Enquizit stepped in to help Wharton two years after their original launch – and the long term benefits the partnership brought to Wharton’s AWS cloud migration process.

The Ultimate Guide to Disaster Recovery as a Service

With such a wide range of options labeled as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), it can be difficult to understand what exactly the term means and how it can support your business. In response, InterVision, an analyst-recognized leader in DRaaS, has produced a no-nonsense guide designed to help you cut through the noise.

Mastering Automated Higher Education

As campuses return to fall operations, it’s time to dismantle what no longer works and reset expectations. Download this full Snapshot report to learn more about the Digital campus transformation, how IT and finance are stronger together, why specialization matters with software, how to make your travel easier, and how medium-sized campuses face down major worries.

The Urgency of Digital Campus Transformation

Legacy operations just don’t make sense anymore. Here’s why it’s time to move on.

IT and Finance: Stronger Together

These five rules will help your school tap the full powers of both departments.

Why Specialization Matters with Software

While ERP systems offer amazing benefits for managing the overall back-office operation on campus, there are still reasons to choose specific applications for strategic purposes.

Medium-Sized Campuses Face Down Major Worries

One tool that will help mid-sized schools stay solvent is spend visibility.