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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Industry Perspective: Mastering Curriculum Management

Automating an institution’s curriculum and catalog operations makes for more efficient use of faculty and administrator time, greater accuracy and improved student experience. Download this informative Industry Perspective now to learn more.

Higher Education Technology Funding Guide

The global pandemic accelerated the need for higher education institutions to embrace technology to support new ways of teaching and learning, better engage students, and support inclusive learning opportunities. However, lost revenue and budget shortfalls continue to impact the ability to fund these initiatives. Fortunately, funding is available.

Catching up with Student Expectations

Today, both current and potential students expect access to the information and services they want, when they want them, on the platforms of their choosing. It’s a huge demand. And the ability to meet those expectations will be key to the success of any higher education institution. Download this informative guide to learn more.

A Framework for Optimizing the Virtual Live Learning Experience

As colleges and universities pivoted from live to virtual learning during the pandemic, many quickly defaulted to video conferencing tools.

Deepen Analytical Insight for a Better Student Experience

Educational institutions have massive amounts of data to work with and yet they produce more data every moment. You can use this data to reimagine the digital experience with enterprise search that helps educators and students find the answers they need, faster. Download this insightful whitepaper now to learn more.

The Six Laws of Experience Management

While Experience Management (XM) is becoming an increasingly common discipline within large organizations, their XM efforts won’t be sustainable over the long term unless they fundamentally transform how they operate. To make sure that all these changes are successfully taking root across the business, organizations need to understand and account for the realities of how human beings and organizations behave. We’ve captured these underlying realities in “The Six Laws of Experience Management".

Enhancing Education with Open Source

In today’s digital world, academic and research institutions are navigating a new educational and data-driven environment: one that’s driven by technology and connectivity. Learn about open source's role in all of it in this animated short.

How SolarWinds Can Help With Your Distance Learning Goals

Two of the most important aspects of remote learning are connectivity and speed. If the connection is slow or lost, teachers can’t teach, and students can’t learn.