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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Managing the Continuous Growth of Data in Education in Unprecedented Times

When Carnegie Mellon University shifted to online learning in spring 2020 in response to the campus closure, suddenly, lots of new virtual machines (VMs) started popping up on the network. Fortunately, the campus' Computing Services organization was ready for the big jump in business.

Achieve Agility through Low Code Platforms: A Guide for Higher Ed

As Higher Education leaders plan for 2021, empowering staff and faculty with automation tools to respond to change will be critical.

Back to School: Leveraging Your LMS to Create a Successful eLearning Program

Colleges and universities are now forced to become eLearning institutions – fast. While many had some form of learning management system (LMS) already in place, moving the entirety of program offerings to a functioning online ecosystem has proven to be a heavy lift. Discover strategies we’ve seen that aid the shift to online instruction in higher education.

Safe Entry for Students and Staff During a Pandemic

School districts, colleges, and universities across the United States face the evolving challenge of how to educate students in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. So far, some remained safe while others have not been as fortunate, experiencing outbreaks necessitating modifications or cancellations. Learn strategies to enable safe entry for students and staff during a pandemic.

Is Your Higher Ed Institution Ready to Modernize Your Applications?

In this new landscape, are your own legacy apps keeping pace? Follow along with this four-point checklist to evaluate your own systems and learn about key drivers influencing the data modernization trend.

Case Study: Colby Sawyer College Connects through Peer-To-Peer Texting

Every day Hustle works with educational institutions across the country that share many of the same pain points: recruiting leaders and stimulating event attendance, fundraising and leadership turnover, to name a few. But for Colby Sawyer College in particular, the challenge was finding an effective way to communicate with alumni about school news, donation campaigns, and more.

7 Best Practices for a Successful Campus-Wide Cloud Storage Migration

Migrating your campus to a new cloud storage provider? Many factors can affect the quality and duration of such a large, complex migration project. Throughout our experience migrating large higher ed intuitions to the cloud, we’ve uncovered several best practices for a smooth transition.

Adapting to Changes in Cloud Content Management: How Low-Impact File Migration Can Help Your Campus Evolve

Storage vendors are regularly creating new platforms, upgrading old ones, and changing their pricing models – causing waves of change for content management in higher education institutions when their technology no longer meets their productivity or budgetary requirements.