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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Enhancing Campus Safety Throughout the Year

It can be difficult to know where to start when developing a safety plan. This eBook provides a year-long plan for college and university campuses to prepare for events like severe weather and active shooters. It offers tips for ways to better communicate critical information, and recommendations and guidance for what kind of capabilities to look for in mass notification solutions.

The Benefits of Implementing Mass Notification In Higher Ed

Higher ed institutions often face the challenge of communicating a message to their entire population. Do to the size of a campus, the number of buildings as well as the size of the student body and staff, it can be difficult to ensure a message reaches everyone. This becomes even more complicated when there is a campus emergency.

USC Marshall School of Business Supports Educational and Research Projects with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud simplifies infrastructure deployments and ongoing management. By migrating from blades to the hyperconverged solution, the University was able to cut its data center footprint and power consumption at the University’s colo facility in half. The end result is the increased ability to support faculty research projects and improve student learning outcomes. Download to learn more.

Pennsylvania Public School Relies on Nutanix to Power Education, Administration

The motto of the Avon Grove School District is “We champion innovation. We celebrate community. We demonstrate sportsmanship. We define school spirit.” Technology is instrumental in helping the District achieve each of these objectives. Its IT organization is committed to driving innovation with the latest technology, including a virtualized infrastructure—without losing sight of the big picture: empowering teachers to support student learning.

UCSD Takes Charge of its Multi-Cloud Environment with Nutanix Beam

Serving almost 40,000 students from across the world, University of California, San Diego is a leading public university. Public cloud services play a vital role in supporting research and instruction at the institution, but the IT team lacked insight into how and where these services were being used, their costs, and their levels of security and compliance. The University deployed Nutanix Beam to gain visibility and control over its cloud usage and improve compliance with government and academic regulations. The solution gives faculty and researchers the freedom to continue to take advantage of the agility and flexibility of cloud, while managing costs, minimizing risks, and streamlining administrative tasks.

Audio Networking for Higher Education

Modern campuses contain many technical marvels, but too often the AV system isn’t one of them. While today’s students are accustomed to ubiquitous digital connectivity, the systems in place frequently use point-to-point analog and digital connections that tether the system to physical locations and short distances. Connecting these systems using legacy technology simply makes no sense, technical and otherwise.

Application Monitoring for On-premises, Hybrid, and Multi-cloud Environments

Applications live everywhere within education organizations—on-premises, in the cloud (AWS®/GovCloud, Azure®, Google®,, or in some combination of these. Yet, no matter where your applications live, they still need to be monitored for performance and optimization.

Laying the Groundwork for AI

IT must create a vision so compelling that people will understand exactly what future results could be, versus what they are. Download this informative GameChanger to help your university understand what the future results could be through the following helpful articles.