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Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

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Like It or Not: Federal Agencies Have a BYOD Program

Many federal agencies claim they don't have a BYOD program. This survey of federal employees, however, says something different. Get data on personal device usage at work, who's breaking the rules, and more.

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Higher Education: Mobile Risk Measurement Report

Get exclusive analysis of iOS and Android threats and risks encountered by higher education employees and institutions, including trojans, surveillanceware, and root enablers.

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C2G Classroom Solutions

Higher education institutions are constantly seeking technology solutions for the classroom that make it easier for professors to teach and for students to learn. Ever-changing technologies, coupled with shrinking budgets make technology upgrades more important and more challenging than ever before. C2G takes a holistic approach to meet the demanding requirements of the education market. By providing flexible, innovative solutions for learning, sharing and collaborating environments. With a full portfolio of connectivity solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of higher education institutions, C2G can help you wire your classroom, computer lab, library or auditorium.

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Drive Higher Education Higher

Universities are now recruiting and welcoming the next generation of students—arguably the most tech-savvy lot thus far. Classrooms, classroom technology and academic processes are evolving along with student expectations. Download this exclusive Digital Dialogue to learn how universities and university leadership are keeping up.

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Lock Down without Locking Out

The multiple devices that students and faculty bring to campus create numerous opportunities for 21st century learning environments. Yet these devices also create additional network security issues and concerns for a school’s IT professionals. Download this exclusive report to learn how universities and IT professionals are getting the performance they need and the security they require.

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Mobile Solution Drives Student Engagement

Biberdorf, a lecturer in general chemistry at the University of Texas, Austin, runs a high-energy classroom in which she continually works on promoting participatory learning. REEF Polling software from i>clicker is one of her go-to tools. In a recent Campus Technology Webcast, she shared some of her favorite ways of using the mobile device platform for polling to keep students active and engaged.

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Forge a Personal Connection

While Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software is practically ubiquitous in the business world, higher education institutions are starting to recognize the value of these systems. They help colleges and universities make better use of their data and forge a solid relationship with students throughout their life-cycle with the institution, from initial recruitment to alumni status. To learn more on how to employ CRM in higher education to streamline and solidify student retention and recruiting, download this special report.

Enable Every Room. Enable Every Person.

Logitech ConferenceCams are changing the way teams collaborate, opening new possibilities and eliminating old boundaries. Logitech is making it possible for groups to collaborate anytime and anywhere with products designed for small to large-size rooms. Read more in this Logitech Video Conferencing Technology Backgrounder.