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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Unique Use Cases on Higher Ed Networks

Higher education use cases for on-campuses networks are so unique, they stand alone when compared with other industries. Cloud-based Network access control (NAC) can ease management pain points while providing real-time updates and AI-powered visibility.

Legacy phone lines are draining your profits

POTS lines are becoming more expensive to maintain, leading many colleges and universities to seek alternatives. These legacy analog lines are used in life safety systems such as blue light phones, fire alarms, building entry systems and fax machines. However, carriers are phasing out these lines, charging more and providing less support.

College Transitions to University with help from eSports Program Growth

In less than three years, D’Youville has gone from hosting a few eager gamers to developing one of the most dynamic eSports programs in the country.

Solving IT Staffing Challenges with Managed Services

Historically, colleges and universities have taken a “do-it-yourself” approach to deploying and managing their network infrastructure. However, campus leaders are starting to rethink this method as they look for ways to solve for a shortage of IT talent.

Advancing Campus Network Security With Zero Trust

Rising cyberattacks, new federal requirements, and an evolving higher education landscape have pushed cybersecurity to the forefront for just about every college and university IT leader.

Key Strategies for Technology Transformation

With a modernized infrastructure, including wired and wireless networks, higher education institutions will be better positioned to boost recruiting and ensure retention — while also simplifying and streamlining IT efforts. What are the best ways for colleges and universities to get there? A number of key strategies can help ensure that higher ed institutions are able to pursue technology transformation in a way that addresses the presents challenges, and enables them to take advantage of emerging, technologically-driven opportunities. Download this informative Tech Tactics to learn more.

Do Cyber Criminals Value Student Data More Than Institutions?

What will it take for campus leaders to safeguard their networks from attack? In a Dec. 5 webcast, Campus Technology spoke with a panel of experts about the value of data in higher education, how bad actors may already be lurking in campus data systems, and how to establish a culture of data security on campus. Download this informative Industry Speaks asset to learn more.

Preparing for the Future of Campus Communications

Communications platforms have always been essential for teaching, learning, and campus administration. But higher education is experiencing rapid changes, and these changes are having a profound impact on the needs of institutions. As requirements change, the platforms that support communication for colleges and universities must evolve as well. Download this informative Executive Voice to learn five key modernized infrastructure characteristics shaping the flow of communication and information technology.