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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Staffing Challenges Are Your Network's Weakest Link

The entire premise of our education system rests on the open exchange of information, and this culture can make it difficult for campus IT departments to balance the information requirements of stakeholders with the need for tighter security.

Technology Foundations of Student Success

The vast, rich web of integrated technologies required to meet students’ expectations continues to grow. Complex integration and management are the order of the day as cloud, AI, and data-rich capabilities advance, commanding not only greater speeds and power from the network but rapid agility, dynamic scale, and growth.

Ransomware: A Very Different Learning Curve For Higher Education

College and University leaders have seen a sharp rise in the number of ransomware attacks on their network and data systems in recent years, and these attacks are costing their organizations significantly. There are many factors that make it challenging for colleges and universities to secure, back up, and recover their data effectively.

Harness The Power Of Data

Higher education institutions are facing major headwinds. Greater student expectations, declining enrollment, and an uncertain economy are pressuring colleges and universities to think critically about their operations and where to optimize for future growth and relevance. Additionally, administrators are constantly tasked with doing more with less and must make difficult decisions on where to invest when it comes to programs and university-wide initiatives.

Easing The Transition To Cloud

The road to cloud can be bumpy, but thoughtful planning can help smooth the process and ensure higher education institutions can maximize the educational and economic returns on their cloud investments.

Zero Trust: A New Paradigm

As campus leaders look to shield network from attacks, the nature of cybersecurity is changing. With more applications running in the cloud and users accessing resources from any location, college and university networks can no longer be protected by merely establishing strong perimeter defenses.

Finding Ways To Solve The Cybersecurity Challenge

Cybersecurity has been a key priority among campus IT leaders for years, but new federal requirements ramp up the importance of these efforts even further. The new mandates come as education continues to account for a growing percentage of cyberattacks across all industry sectors.

A Roadmap for Implementing Zero Trust

Adopting Zero Trust is a multistep process and quite a journey for most campuses — but the journey isn’t necessarily linear.