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How Advanced Statistcal Analysis Can Benefit Academia

Aberdeen research shows that academic organizations using advanced analytics achieve superior performance results in the following areas:

Hamilton County Department of Education

Achieving record school graduation rates and helping students progress with predictive analytics

Professional development can be a chore. It can also be an inspiration, providing new skills and perspectives that can transform an organization’s performance. Either way, it requires both employees and coaches to devote significant time and effort to the development process.

Strengthening Your Campus Infrastructure:
Where to Start

New uses for technology are surfacing in higher education —digital learning, 5G, Internet of Things, in-flight security — that push standard networks to the wall. Download this information infographic to explore what Campus Technology learned when we asked IT, security and other college and university professionals about the current state of their institution's networking infrastructure and how well positioned it is for supporting next-generation demands.

Meeting the Digital Expectations of Your School Head-On

To better understand how networks on campuses need to adapt to support new and evolving demands, Campus Technology recently queried information technology, teaching, research and other campus professionals about how they view the current state of their institution's data and communications infrastructure and how well positioned it is for supporting students who expect any time, anywhere access to everything, and fast. Download the results in this enlightening Executive Summary.

Transform Higher Education

Education in the 21st century is continuously undergoing transformation. Learning and instruction have escaped the boundaries of the lecture hall to become mobile, online, flipped, and active. Colleges and universities must compete for students, and are increasingly focused on student retention. Technology is so embedded into the daily activities of the institution that IT leaders are permanently seated alongside the leaders of academic and administrative units in strategic meetings.

Finding a Silver Lining in the Cloud

A growing number of colleges and universities are moving their data and applications to the cloud in order to take advantage of emerging technologies and operate with more agility. While moving to the cloud can bring many benefits, getting there can be a challenge. Download this exclusive GameChanger to learn how through careful planning, you can realize the benefits of moving to the cloud with minimal difficulty.

How Cloud-Based Intelligence Can Drive Student Success

AI and machine learning can help provide students with the personalized support they need, from enrollment all the way to graduation. Download this informative Industry Perspective to learn how higher education leaders can glean powerful insights with adaptive, cloud-based intelligence at their fingertips.

Campus ID Card & Security Study Guide

Colleges and universities are hectic places when a new semester arrives and thousands of students flood onto campuses all over the world. When thousands of new students are waiting to set up their course schedule, pick up any parking passes, move into their new dorm and purchase books for classes.