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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

GDPR Compliance for Higher Education

The US has been the country of choice for international students looking for a quality higher education experience. In 2017, the US hosted about 1.1 million international students, more than any other country in the world.

Complete Guide to Selecting an IAM Solution for Higher Ed

Not all IAM systems are created equal.

Colleges and universities face unique identity and access management (IAM) challenges that most commercial enterprise, homegrown, and legacy IAM systems simply can’t handle.

4 IT Benefits Gained from Shorter Server Refresh Cycles

When is a server “too old” to deliver useful value? A recent Forrester study found companies that refresh servers every three years gain significant business and technical advantages. Read “4 Business and IT Benefits Gained from Shorter IT Refresh Cycles,” an informative infographic that explores the benefits of modernizing servers.

Developing an Effective Workload Placement Strategy

Determining where to run your workloads is a top challenge for today’s IT. With so many considerations and unique requirements there is never a one-size-fits-all answer. Particularly with mission-critical or sensitive workloads, the ability to easily adapt while maintaining security, increasing performance and maximizing efficiency is key.

The Journey to a Software-Defined Datacenter and the Important Role Hardware Plays in the Process

The quest to a software-defined data center (SDDC) begins with your organization’s hardware and extends to all elements of the infrastructure. Most firms today strive for an SDDC, but don’t fully understand the challenges involved. Many start down the path with good intentions, but then struggle to get everything up and running. They soon realize the importance of having the right partner to help navigate the process. This eBook explores the benefits of software-defined data centers and the role hardware plays in their success.

Why Refresh Cycles and Modern Infrastructure Management are Critical to Business Success

Forrester collected research-based insights to show the connection between modern server infrastructure and business agility. This report explains the criticality to having the most up-to-date IT infrastructure to support the scale and complexity of a changing application landscape. Companies must embrace this imperative by refreshing server infrastructure, adopting software-defined data center principles, and modernizing their IT management processes. Those that do will propel business innovation and deliver superior customer experiences with fast, secure, reliable business technology.

Looking Beyond the VR Headset

While two-year and small four-year colleges haven’t gravitated to VR or AR as quickly as the big universities, immersive technology is still making inroads for focused learning and workforce preparation. Here’s what you need to know to be prepared.

The State of (Virtual) Reality in College

While institutions identify numerous benefits of VR, AR, and industry-grade tools, only 32 percent have implemented these immersive technologies – and, 22 percent say that they are not planning on implementing them at all. This may be because 2-year and 4-year colleges face several challenges when attempting to put virtual and augmented reality into place, including a lack of funding, a lack of training, and/or a lack of space. Download this infographic from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn how colleges are addressing these obstacles and incorporating AR/VR on their campuses.