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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

How K-12 and Higher Education Can Navigate Evolving Landscapes and the Need for Information

IT Leaders in Education face a wide range of challenges as they navigate a complex and rapidly evolving landscape, balancing the need for innovation, security, and cost-effective solutions.

College Transitions to University with help from eSports Program Growth

In less than three years, D’Youville has gone from hosting a few eager gamers to developing one of the most dynamic eSports programs in the country.

A Make or Break Moment for Campus Cyber Defense

While investment in cybersecurity tools, training, and resources remains a top priority for institutions in 2023, many requests will go unfunded or underfunded. Combined with institutions’ growing inability to recruit and retain highly qualified cyber professionals, cybersecurity in Higher Education appears to be at a tipping point.

Enabling Student Success with Apple

Today’s higher education leaders recognize that providing equitable access to tools and resources is a critical step in enabling student success. This has become even more important with the rise of hybrid and online learning environments.

The Data-Informed Institution

Become more agile and impactful with data. Around the world, education is in flux as institutions experience changes in demographics, student needs and preferences, technology, and budget pressures. Institutions need to adapt quickly—but how? The Data-Informed Institution eBook explains that a modern data strategy is critical.

Ready to Go All-In on Student Experience?

Connectivity, collaboration, and security are paramount to ensuring student — and all higher ed constituent — satisfaction and success.

Help Is On The Way: Managed Services and Third-Party Security Assessments

As post-pandemic burdens on IT and cybersecurity teams reach an all-time high, can delivery of student and faculty expectations be sustained without outside support?

Greater Speeds, Lower Latency Network Infrastructure Propel Research and Higher Education into New Territory

Next-gen fiber and optical infrastructure form the foundation of a new era of learning, research, and collaboration.