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Hidden Cost, Hidden Opportunities

In a time where many universities are under pressure to save money to stick to tightening budgets, knowing how cost-effective and efficient one’s desktop office equipment and devices are is a necessity. That’s where TCO comes in. A TCO (total cost of ownership) analysis looks at direct and indirect costs, like acquisition costs, upgrade and maintenance costs, among others, to uncover hidden opportunities for saving money.

Preparing for Accreditation

Unemployment among youth from many countries around the world is rising, and there is a clear and significant shortage of workplace-ready skills to tackle the challenges of industry. Many see systematic skill development and global initiatives toward job creation as the solution to these problems.

Advance Academic Research with the NI Platform

See examples of how researchers around the world are using the NI Platform to advance their work in cutting edge fields that address the grand challenges humanity faces.

Wireless Research Handbook

Download the latest edition of NI’s Wireless Research Handbook, which includes research examples from around the world and across a wide range of advanced wireless research topics. This comprehensive look at next-generation wireless systems will offer you a more in-depth view of how prototyping can enhance research results.

The Client: Pass Christian & Gulfport Schools District

To ensure teachers are spending the majority of their time teaching students and not on travelling to and from the printer, many school districts are recognizing the importance of having printing technology in every classroom. However, meeting this need can come at a high cost, leading administrators to purchase smaller quantities – often from different and incompatible printer brands – over longer periods of time.

Integrated Offering Provides Fast Path to the Cloud

Every college and university has unique demands when it comes to its data system. These demands can even fluctuate within the institution itself, becoming greater during busy periods and lesser at others. What’s not unique, however, is the challenge of managing this data under increasing pressure to cap costs while simultaneously expanding services, leaving many IT professionals at a loss for the right solution.

Thinking Outside the (Capture) Box

Learn how Boise State University evaluated and selected the software-based video platform that resulted in a 6x greater video platform adoption rate, lowered cost per user by 99%, and improved student outcomes.

Train Faculty to Create Amazing Course Videos

Training faculty on technology is challenging. See tips from other colleges and universities on how they encourage faculty to create course content that is interactive and effective.