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The Changing Faces of Technology Buyers — A Look at Technology Buyers in Higher Education

Traditionally, the technology department has been in charge of IT purchasing decisions but today, technology spending has moved to many parts of the business and organizations must understand their unique motives. The digital disruption is forcing organizations to reinvent the way they conduct business, how customers interact with them, and how employees serve their customers. To meet these demands, organizations must enable their employees and equip them with right tools and technologies. Download this Download this commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell to learn more about the new landscape of a technology buyer and buying process in Higher Ed.

IT for Education: Priorities, Challenges, and Automation Secrets

The start of a new school year is a critical time for campus information technology (IT) leaders. They are charged with preparing to service an entire campus of departments, delivering cutting-edge customer service to students, and putting new technology to use to streamline organizational processes -- and ultimately, budgets.

Amherst College Finds Higher Level IT Service Management with Samanage

Before Luis Hernández’s, Director of IT Support Services, first day on campus at Amherst College he was tasked with finding a new IT service management solution. The IT support services team was looking for a solution that was modern and scalable. They also knew they needed to break out of outdated processes and habits. As an overall IT team they were looking for an IT service management solution, with a focus on incident management. Learn how Amherst College addressed their challenges while keeping in mind the requirements of multiple departments, but most importantly, their clients: students, faculty, and staff.

When School is Out, IT is in

Fast moving technology innovations increase the need for campus IT to shape and mold itself into an organization that not only develops students capable of utilizing and benefiting from new technologies, but provides toolsets that enable productivity and cross departmental collaboration of faculty and staff.

The Connected Campus

Just because most students and staff are moving about campus using wireless devices like phones and tablets, there still has to be a reliable secure wired network supporting the wireless infrastructure in the background. Integrating wired and wireless management is the best way to build out and manage this new type of campus network — one that is flexible, capable, and scalable.

Taking a Journey to the Modern Campus

Positioning ERP, HCM, and SIS more as a unified set of solutions to address business problems rather than a set of individual applications defined by discrete features and functionality will be critical moving forward. While each institution must assess the suitability of its current solutions and whether new investment is warranted, as the industry moves to the cloud, it will become increasingly difficult for those on legacy systems to compete effectively in the market. However, the path to a modern campus and innovative technology does not have to be a high-risk rip-and-replace endeavor, but instead can include choice and timing that support an institution's unique needs and readiness. This strategy of integrating existing systems with new cloud applications over time enables colleges and universities to take the journey to a modern campus at their own pace and in a way that is best aligned with their unique business needs.

Higher Education & Research Industry Viewpoints

In this ebook, we’ll explore the disruptive new technologies transforming higher education, and the new models being adopted across administration, learning, and research. We’ll discuss how student expectations and demographics are changing, and how new fiscal realities put institutions under pressure. We’ll examine the crucial role of research, and discuss how cloud transformation can help both educators and administrators prepare for the challenges ahead—and exploit the opportunities that come their way.

Oracle Student Cloud: Innovation and Modernization

Join Oracle’s Student team to understand our strategy for providing the practical path for customers wanting to modernize their student solutions. We’ll highlight the breadth of the Student Cloud solution today, from Student Recruiting to Student Management through Advancement and review the roadmap. During this session, we’ll share how Student Management, one of the key components of the Student Cloud platform, provides a new and innovative architecture and user experience to support modern education models. If you’re interested in Oracle’s plans for modernizing the core business of Higher Education – supporting student success - you’ll want to join us for this session.