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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Before the Bell: Elevate Student Experiences Powered by Genesys

Colleges and universities are under increasing pressure to migrate from traditional modes of student engagement to leverage digital technology capabilities. Aside from the need to meet students who have grown up in a heavily digital world “where they live” – institutions are experiencing staff and budgetary shortfalls that make traditional modes of engagement unsustainable. Anymore, deploying high quality digital-based technologies to deliver intelligent, interactive and personalized support is essential to support students in their day-to-day academic and campus life experiences. This presentation will highlight how Genesys is enhancing the student experience and supports current and emerging capabilities that can boost campus efforts.

EdTech Before the Bell: Acing Cybersecurity with Limited Resources

With a massively expanded attack surface due to remote learning in the face of COVID19 and a vast amount of valuable personally identifiable information (PII), targeted attacks on educational districts and institutions have skyrocketed with 166 incidents in 2021. As school boards look to underfunded security programs to protect this information and preserve the student’s ability to learn, security resources are stretched thin and struggle to remain resilient.

EdTech Classroom Panel: What’s Possible in the “New Now”: Why the Student Experience Matters

Technology touches nearly every interaction a student has with their college or university. That student experience — and the data generated by it — provides institutions with an unparalleled opportunity to fine-tune their approach to retention, student engagement and more. In Day 2’s presentations and discussions, EdTech experts will explore how a laser focus on the student experience can break down barriers to student success and steer digital transformation efforts in the right direction.

EdTech Classroom Panel: Safe and Sound Schools

There are many facets to campus security and safety — COVID precautions, school shootings, student mental health concerns, building access control, emergency communications — but one thread that unites them all is technology. Day 1 of EdTech Talks will explore innovative ways technology, tools and infrastructure can help keep students safe both in and out of the classroom.

EdTech Before the Bell: The Connected Campus - Zoom Today Beyond Meetings

Please join Dr. Lance Ford as he shares the advancements of Zoom technology and the specific value that Zoom can bring to educational facilities. If all you know is Zoom Meetings, you only know 15% of the value that Zoom can deliver to your campus/classroom. Dr. Ford is an educator himself, and will share where Zoom plays a role in security, face to face connectivity, classroom enhancements, language transcription, and campus connectivity.

Case Study: Utah Tech - Preparing Students Effectively For Future Careers

When Utah Tech met with local employers and learned that they desperately need graduates to fully understand the intricacies of the modern IT workplace, leaders at the university realized they needed to offer students specialized tech fluency training and support.

Changing the Communications Game in Higher Ed

Even in working order, legacy communications systems are proving problematic in higher education. The fact is, “phone systems” lack the power and scope of a modern communications platform. It’s time for communications systems to catch up.

Remote Work Demands a Modern Work Management Solution

The rise of remote work and hybrid learning has forced higher education institutions to rethink how they get work done. Legacy processes that rely on in-person interactions are no longer sufficient and schools need the right tools and processes to empower them to deliver better faculty, staff, and student experiences.