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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

How Application Virtualization Keeps One University Moving

When Ferris State University sent students home in March 2020, the institution faced the same challenge that most colleges and universities were grappling with at the time: how to deliver the hands-on campus learning experience while off-campus.

Identity Frameworks for Higher Education Systems

Keeping Campuses Connected

One Minute Whitepaper: How Okta Mitigates Cybersecurity Risks for Higher Learning Institutions

Colleges and universities still represent a significant target sector for malicious cyber activity.

The Tambellini Group Case Study: California State University, Long Beach

Okta Provides a Single Sign-On System to Simplify Authentication for Students

Intelligent Management of Your Higher Ed Cloud - Public and Private

Every college and university wants to simplify its IT infrastructure while lowering TCO. For many institutions, the best approach involves developing a hybrid cloud narrative that incorporates solid ROI. Download this resource now to learn more.

How to Equip Faculty with Timeless Tools for Student Engagement

When going to school means going online, a new set of learning standards is required – calling for smart use of technology and a boundless approach to content interactivity. These 10 do’s and don’ts will help you target your planning.

The Migration Mindset - A Proactive Guide to AWS Cloud Migration

In our rapid-fire world, we often put long-term planning on the backburner. With a reactive approach to large-scale transformations, like cloud migration, you risk wasting time and money on a project that may not meet your organization’s needs. A holistic and proactive approach to cost analysis, planning, compliance, and security can fundamentally change your Cloud migration experience. This guidebook investigates the common pitfalls that organizations run into at every stage in the AWS Cloud migration process. We will highlight best practices, from cost conversations to compliance concerns, so you can navigate AWS Cloud migration with confidence.

The Power of Partnership - How Enquizit Helped the Wharton School Innovate in the AWS Cloud

When migrating to the Cloud, making system-wide changes across an organization is not an easy task. From defining goals to upskilling staff to determining which apps to move first, many businesses find they cannot migrate as quickly or efficiently as they thought. In this piece, we will explore how the Wharton School, the oldest collegiate business school in the country, opted into a partnership with the AWS cloud experts at Enquizit to speed up the migration process and also positioned the organization for future business scaling and long-term success.