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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Engaging Students in Online and Hybrid Learning Environments

The classroom is built on two-way conversions, and it takes strategic planning to get students talking. By incorporating a variety of thoughtful activities into your course material, you can challenge students to not only gauge comprehension but to get to know their unique personalities.

Securing Higher Ed in an AI-Driven World

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have great potential in higher education to enable new modes of learning, improve research outcomes, and accelerate decision making. At the same time, these technologies are changing the cybersecurity picture, giving bad actors the means to fine-tune and scale their attacks.

2023 Higher Education Trends Report

For the last three years, through a global pandemic, we have witnessed a great reassessment going on in the United States and around the world. It’s happening on many different levels—from how we live and work to what we value in life—all with significant consequences going forward for higher education. In many ways, this time is not unlike other moments of political, cultural, and economic upheaval throughout our history and the long-lasting impact each had on colleges and universities.

State of Cloud Report 2023

We blind surveyed more than 1,000 leaders and technologists across industries and throughout the world to find out how organizations leverage cloud computing. The response? The cloud may be table stakes, but most organizations still don’t know how to operationalize cloud computing as a strategic advantage to accelerate business outcomes and outperform competitors.

Solving the Identity Equation

For everything that colleges and universities are looking to achieve, Identity is key. Yet a smooth and seamless authentication experience is rare in higher education, as schools struggle to deliver Identity in support of their digital engagements.

Gaining More Flexibility and Agility in the Cloud

In Higher Education, legacy technology infrastructure makes it difficult for institutions to evolve. Outdated IT infrastructure hampers student learning, limits researchers’ ability to discover, and it complicates the IT team’s efforts to manage technology effectively. Some say the answer lies in a move to the cloud.

How K-12 and Higher Education Can Navigate Evolving Landscapes and the Need for Information

IT Leaders in Education face a wide range of challenges as they navigate a complex and rapidly evolving landscape, balancing the need for innovation, security, and cost-effective solutions.

College Transitions to University with help from eSports Program Growth

In less than three years, D’Youville has gone from hosting a few eager gamers to developing one of the most dynamic eSports programs in the country.