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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Becoming a Cost-Conscious College

This is your 4-step plan to transform into a role-model, cost-conscious institution. Don't miss out and download today!

The State of Cloud Native Security 2024 Report

Elevate your cloud security strategy with The State of Cloud-Native Security 2024 report, download your copy today and navigate the changes coming to cloud-native security with confidence!

Everything You Need to Know About Intelligent IT Documentation in Education

Information technology teams in educational institutions face a growing number of distractions and a centralized, intelligent IT documentation tool can help teams overcome some of their most pressing challenges. Download to learn how!

7 Key Considerations for Modernizing Identity Management in Higher Education

Inter-institutional collaboration, cloud computing, online/distance education, teleworking and portable computing, federation, access from anywhere at any time, and many other business needs are challenging institutions of higher education to adapt or rebuild their Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructures.

Powering Higher Education with World-class Identity

Modern Identity is key to solve the complexity of IAM in Higher Education.

Solving the Identity Equation

For everything that colleges and universities are looking to achieve, Identity is key. Yet a smooth and seamless authentication experience is rare in higher education, as schools struggle to deliver Identity in support of their digital engagements.

Don't Let Cost-Cutting Slow You Down

Download this Whitepaper today to learn how public sector organizations can continue to innovate while reducing tech costs!

Implementing Search and Generating AI for Your Knowledge Base

It can be intimidating to implement search for your knowledge base especially when building a state of the art generative AI experience for your end-users. Download this whitepaper to learn more!