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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

How Industry Experts Are Using IBM SPSS® Statistics for Better Outcomes

IBM SPSS® Statistics is a fast and powerful solution that propels research analysis in numerous industries, including education.

IBM SPSS® Statistics and Open Source: A Powerful Analytical Combination

Download this white paper to discover the features and capabilities provided by the integration of IBM SPSS® Statistics and open source programming, including:

IBM SPSS® Statistics: Time Is Money

No matter what industry you are coming from, you can reveal the meaning behind your data with IBM SPSS® Statistics’ easy-to-use software. In no time you can perform complex statistical analyses, giving your data experts time to focus on insights instead of setup.

The Risks of Using Spreadsheets for Statistical Analysis

Spreadsheets, though widely used for statistical analysis, are useful only to a point. Although they offer powerful data analysis capabilities, they can falter when used for jobs they’re not designed to perform or for tasks whose scope reaches beyond the limits of their capabilities.

How to Connect Students to Computer Labs When Campus is Closed

Implementing the right secure virtual apps and desktop solutions enables IT to centrally control your virtual lab environment or connect students to physical lab equipment remotely. Download this informative asset to learn the 5 essential do's and don'ts of running labs when campus is closed.

Leveraging SolarWinds to Improve Remote Support

The key to ensuring continued success for remote workers is to provide the accessibility, visibility, and throughput necessary to allow these employees to continue “work as usual” remotely, which includes supporting them as seamlessly as possible.

eSports as Education Game Changer

When the New York Institute of Technology took a gamer’s advice to organize esports play for its students, little did the institution expect that seed to grow into groundbreaking medical research, a potential area for development of a new minor and a recruitment lure for new students.

Enhance Student Engagement in Higher Education with Academic eSports - the Getting Started Checklist

Esports is quickly making inroads across college campuses—reshaping stereotypes about gaming and providing essential workforce skills for both student players and those playing supporting roles. Colleges and universities looking to start their own program, however, are struggling with where to begin. That’s where this checklist can help—providing you with what you need to know to start and maintain a successful esports program.