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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

7 Big Challenges The Network Architect Faces in Higher Ed Today

Remote work continues apace in higher education. More than half of staff and two-thirds of faculty are continuing to work and teach from locations other than campus. That pivot has put extra torque on the network and more pressure on the people who design and run it. At the same time, the shift has also generated a new level of trust in the capabilities of the IT organization and a new appreciation for how well IT professionals are keeping up.

Stopping Cyberattacks Before They Hit Your School

Since March, higher education has faced a gauntlet of challenges brought on by the worldwide pandemic. Not only did colleges and universities have to make an instant pivot in the spring that struck both work and learning, but they’ve been hard hit by cybersecurity problems that are coming fast and furious.

Stopping Cyberattacks in Higher Education

Campus Technology recently ran a survey to understand the unique challenges higher education faces in securing itself and the factors that come into play for choosing cybersecurity counter-measures.

Five Takeaways for Higher Education from the CARES Act

By better understanding how the CARES Act is playing out, IT and other campus leaders can strengthen their planning and provide the resources, training and support students and faculty need most.

Achieving the Paperless Campus Process-By-Process

As more operations shift to online teaching and learning and remote work, this is a prime time for colleges and universities to reconsider how they handle paper-based processes for admissions, HR and numerous other activities on campus where people can't show up in person. Campus Technology set out to understand current paper-based practices and digitization plans in higher education from multiple perspectives: IT, staff and faculty. The easiest starting point — adoption of PDF Editor software — isn't getting nearly the pickup it deserves. Download this informative infographic to learn more.

Helping Educators Defend Their Web Applications with Amazon CloudFront and Fortinet WAF

Educators today use web applications to deliver critical services to students, their families, their staff, and their communities. Those applications must be secured against an ever expanding and evolving threat landscape. To help you keep pace with modern application deployments, Fortinet, an industry leader in application security, and AWS have partnered to provide industry-leading performance and security on AWS.

eSports as Education Game Changer

K-12 and higher education are scrambling to keep up with student demand for the newest mode of learning: esports. Experts in K12 and Hi Ed explain why it’s happening, how to get started and how it is benefiting students of all ages.

Enhance Student Engagement in Higher Education with Academic eSports - the Getting Started Checklist

Esports is quickly making inroads across college campuses—reshaping stereotypes about gaming and providing essential workforce skills for both student players and those playing supporting roles. Colleges and universities looking to start their own program, however, are struggling with where to begin. That’s where this checklist can help—providing you with what you need to know to start and maintain a successful esports program.