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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Back to School: Leveraging Your LMS to Create a Successful eLearning Program

Colleges and universities are now forced to become eLearning institutions – fast. While many had some form of learning management system (LMS) already in place, moving the entirety of program offerings to a functioning online ecosystem has proven to be a heavy lift. Discover strategies we’ve seen that aid the shift to online instruction in higher education.

Safe Entry for Students and Staff During a Pandemic

School districts, colleges, and universities across the United States face the evolving challenge of how to educate students in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. So far, some remained safe while others have not been as fortunate, experiencing outbreaks necessitating modifications or cancellations. Learn strategies to enable safe entry for students and staff during a pandemic.

Is Your Higher Ed Institution Ready to Modernize Your Applications?

In this new landscape, are your own legacy apps keeping pace? Follow along with this four-point checklist to evaluate your own systems and learn about key drivers influencing the data modernization trend.

Leveraging SolarWinds to Improve Remote Support

The key to ensuring continued success for remote workers is to provide the accessibility, visibility, and throughput necessary to allow these employees to continue “work as usual” remotely, which includes supporting them as seamlessly as possible.

Insider's Guide to Cost-Effective Storage Solutions for Higher Education

Get the Insider’s Guide to Storage Solutions for Higher Ed and learn the use cases for object storage in higher education, including:

How to Select the Right PTZ Camera for Distance Learning: 5 Things You Need to Consider

Download our free whitepaper and receive insights to make the right choice for your next PTZ video camera to ensure impactful distance learning.

Higher Ed's Guide to Achieving Agility through Digital Transformation

According to EDUCAUSE, only 13% of institutions have a formal Digital Transformation initiative in place. This year’s quick shift to remote learning reinforced the importance of remaining agile with a solid technological strategy as a linchpin in the equation.

Transitioning Colleges and Universities to Desktop-as-a-Service

As colleges and universities provide more distance learning and remote options for their students and faculty, Desktop-as-a-Service is an increasingly attractive solution.