White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Live Streaming on Campus: 2015 Benchmark Report

Wowza Media Systems recently conducted a worldwide survey of higher-education institutions to determine the value of video streaming, and how it is being used across campuses. The results are thought provoking and exciting for the future of streaming in education.

Mental Models and Student Risk: How Different Ways of Thinking Drive Our Decisions

Mental models have the power to effect positive change in student retention initiatives in higher education. But what exactly are they? Download this informative Digital Dialogue to learn about the strengths and limitations of six mental models that support retention initiatives in higher education.

Lock Down Your Network

Imagine an institution-wide system that can ensure security and compliance throughout the campus, detect network abuse instantly, and reveal ways to enhance the institution’s IT services to better serve students. Download this exclusive GameChanger to learn how universities can achieve this by better managing, analyzing and protecting campus systems and networks, thereby creating an enhanced environment for recruiting and retaining today’s fully connected student.

Your Partner for End-to-End Health IT Solutions

When it comes to providing the best level of patient care, satisfaction, and engagement, you need a single-source IT partner that can span the care continuum with technologies to help

Power Patient Engagement with Technology

Involved, informed patients are better able to manage their own care.

Get to Know Lenovo Health by the Numbers

Success means choosing a proactive IT partner who understands your role, the challenges you face, and how to build reliable solutions for Healthcare. Discover why you need Lenovo Health on your side to provide the best mobility, security, and cloud solutions to your healthcare professionals and patients, today.

Reliable Workstations Increase Student Productivity While Creativity Soars

Lenovo and the College of Architecture and Design (CoAD) in the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) team worked in partnership to build exactly what students, faculty, and college leadership all needed for 5 brand new teaching labs that would allow them to attract and retain the most creative students around all in a way that is sustainable for the university.

Creating a Connected Campus with Lenovo: Maximum Mobility Made Easy

Today's classrooms are not confined by walls.In today’s mobile world, it only makes sense that teaching and learning are no longer confined to the campus. To maximize the benefits of a mobile, connected campus, you need a solid plan and infrastructure.