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Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

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Best Practices for a Productive BYOD program

Today’s savviest school districts are leveraging BYOD as a tool to drive mobile accessibility, increase IT oversight and enable students to complete a task at a moment’s notice, on whichever device is nearby. This whitepaper will outline the basic measures educators and IT professionals are taking to turn their BYOD programs into major productivity gains.

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Boost Retention and Student Success: Six Ways to Implement Strategies That Make a Difference

College and university leaders know they need to take a comprehensive and strategic approach to student success, persistence, and completion, and the research backs them up. The challenge is designing, developing, and implementing retention strategies that make a measurable difference in realizing the potential of all students.

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Creating Innovators: Accelerate the Advanced Manufacturing Lab in Your University

In this sponsored report, Campus Technology explains what learning laboratories are and how they address the goal of developing future leaders of manufacturing. The report also shares the stories of two graduates to demonstrate the impact these programs have in developing valuable real-life skills.

Changing the Way Things Are Designed, Made, and Distributed

At colleges and universities throughout the country, 3D printing technology is helping students and faculty “use their imaginations to create something where nothing existed.” Download this white paper to learn how campuses are using 3D printing to provide interactive learning experiences while also preparing students for bright careers in the future.


Wake Forest University Enriches the Education Experience with Pioneering Use of Collaboration Technology

Continuing its tradition of technology innovation, Wake Forest reinvents the classroom and forges stronger links among students, teachers, and administrators with advanced collaboration and social media solutions.


Enabling BYOD for Education

The idea of bring your own device (BYOD) for connectivity has been well recognized in most networking environments. This trend has only increased in recent years as more students have turned to personal computing devices as study aides as connectivity has become easier and costs have fallen. This white paper explores the impact of BYOD on modern education network environments through education-specific cases and a deeper look at the evolving needs of wired and wireless network access on campus.


Creating the Digital Campus

Many institutions are ill equipped to transition to new ways of doing business. The journey requires the proper mix of planning, piloting, training, and marketing of successes that align business goals, such as improved student academic results, increased capture of research grants, and budgetary cost savings. This white paper outlines how higher education institutions can effectively deploy collaborative technology solutions to address market challenges, overcome institutional barriers, and transform education.

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Transforming Higher Education with Mobility Solutions: A Strategic Guide for Colleges and Universities Considering BYOD Support Models

Over the past decade, technology has radically transformed the higher education experience. Learning has moved out of the classroom, and students expect to be able to pursue their education from any location at any time. This paper presents guidelines for colleges and universities considering bring-your-own-device (BYOD) support models and presents guidelines for implementing mobility programs to modernize your IT strategy and improve the working and learning environment for students, faculty and staff.