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One Smart Decision Solves Many Challenges in Higher Education

Legacy IT can be a bottleneck for education institutions, draining scarce time and resources. Download this informative infographic to learn how many universities are addressing the need to stay modern and reduce complexity while also providing flawless performance for staff and students.

Transform Higher Education

Education in the 21st century is continuously undergoing transformation. Learning and instruction have escaped the boundaries of the lecture hall to become mobile, online, flipped, and active. Colleges and universities must compete for students, and are increasingly focused on student retention. Technology is so embedded into the daily activities of the institution that IT leaders are permanently seated alongside the leaders of academic and administrative units in strategic meetings.

Guiding Students to Degree Success and Beyond

Colleges and universities are using data to better engage students, inform decision-making, improve outcomes and prepare graduates for future success.

How Advanced Statistcal Analysis Can Benefit Academia

Aberdeen research shows that academic organizations using advanced analytics achieve superior performance results in the following areas:

Hamilton County Department of Education

Achieving record school graduation rates and helping students progress with predictive analytics

Professional development can be a chore. It can also be an inspiration, providing new skills and perspectives that can transform an organization’s performance. Either way, it requires both employees and coaches to devote significant time and effort to the development process.

Secrets to Making Videos with Impact

Lecture capture and other forms of video technology are quickly becoming a hot topic in academia nationwide as researchers from several acclaimed universities find evidence supporting its effectiveness among students. Recent reports out of Harvard, Columbia, and MIT have broken down the elements of video and investigated the effects of each one, discovering that these features can reduce mind wandering by half, increase note-taking trifold, and raise final test scores by over 25%.

Using Video to Drive Student Success – Full webinar recording with Odessa College

View the full webinar recording on how Odessa College doubled graduation rates, earning the Aspen Prize Rising Star Award. Hear about their four strategies to strengthen instructor-student relationships and how video analytics helped reach struggling students.

Train Faculty to Create Amazing Course Videos

Training faculty on technology is challenging. See tips from other colleges and universities on how they encourage faculty to create course content that is interactive and effective.