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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Secure Access Service Edge’s Flexible, Scalable Security Protects Higher Education’s Highly Distributed World

In Higher Education's high-bandwidth, super-connected, and widely distributed world, the network is where the user is — every user is an edge. How can institutions ensure broad network protection and data security in this new world?

Microcredentials for a More Agile Institution

Microcredentials provide a way for students to learn new technology skills and demonstrate competency without having to invest in a full degree program — and if colleges and universities don’t have a strategy for offering these programs, they risk losing market share to other institutions.

Advancing Campus Network Security With Zero Trust

Rising cyberattacks, new federal requirements, and an evolving higher education landscape have pushed cybersecurity to the forefront for just about every college and university IT leader.

Foundations for Innovation

In higher education, harnessing the full potential of data analytics and AI/ML toolsets requires more than up-to-date infrastructure. Sound data governance, safeguards for sharing, and a campus-wide culture of accepting constant change are non-negotiable. Download this informative Industry Perspective to learn how many universities are addressing these challenges.

Empowering The Future of Education

As the impetus to incorporate high-quality video into teaching sessions, lectures and presentations has grown, the crossover between these areas has intensified. Increasingly, organizations in the education space are turning to affordable broadcast-grade solutions to engage with students and ensure that they remain attentive and responsive.

The Evolving Landscape of Video in Higher Ed

Student expectations are evolving. In their personal lives, they take for granted the ease of interpersonal connections — on their phones, on social media. They expect academia to mirror that experience.

All You Need To Know About IP-Based Lecture Capture

Lecture capture has been used by educators for many years but has surged in popularity since the COVID-19 lockdowns ended. There’s now a growing acceptance of the benefits of hybrid learning, and collaboration via video content with a realization that video content can deliver real advantages for students.

The Future of Internships: Navigating the AI Wave

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping industries, and its impact –which is already being felt in various aspects of the job market– is only set to increase. As technology advances, the role of AI in internships and employers' approach to internships is a topic of great interest. AI is influencing the market for entry-level jobs and the trends that are emerging as a result of this transformative technology hold great weight for higher education professionals who dramatically need to adapt to this changing landscape to help their students prepare for the workforce.