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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Securing the Campus Requires a Comprehensive Approach

Campus security teams face tough odds these days to create an environment that is wholly secure for students, faculty, and staff. It requires a holistic approach that improves their ability to track and trace what is happening on campus.

Hitting It Out Of The Park By Gamification

They say life is a game, and sometimes work can be too. That’s what the Head of a global IT service desk discovered when she applied gamification techniques – and especially those of competitive cricket – to the challenge of pepping up the performance of her demotivated consultants. The results, in a nutshell, turned out worthy of stadium-wide applause.

The Evolving Landscape of Video in Higher Ed

Student expectations are evolving. In their personal lives, they take for granted the ease of interpersonal connections — on their phones, on social media. They expect academia to mirror that experience.

Innovation in Education: How Technology Is Shaping the Future of Learning

In the wake of declining enrollments and rising student expectations, accelerating educational technology adoption has become an urgent strategic priority—not because the use of technology is the future of learning, but because the use of technology catapults learning into the future.

Powering Digital Media Use on Campus

A growing number of academic libraries have created digital media labs where students and faculty can access equipment for podcasting and video production. As digital media continues to assume a larger role in our society, technologies such as video cameras and sound recording equipment are becoming more focal elements within a campus library’s collection of resources.

The State of Cloud-Native Security 2023 Report

What was learned from the third annual cloud-native security survey? Two themes stand out — life in the cloud does indeed move fast, much faster than we would have imagined 12 months ago. And complexity, in one form or another, is ubiquitous, obstinate and an undermining force when it comes to securing cloud-native environments.

Snapshot Report: Unified Communications as a Service In Higher Ed

Modern communication solutions are transforming campus services and student experiences. Now, more than ever, campus communications systems need to be adaptable, versatile and reliable in order to meet the needs of students and faculty.

Moving Digital Transformation Forward in Higher Ed

Many colleges and universities are looking to cloud-based offerings to support their broad-based efforts around digital transformation.