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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Increase Resiliency with Modern Identity Management

In this Executive Summary, you will learn about Top Cybersecurity Challenges in Higher Education, how Identity and Access Management (IAM) can improve student experience, and more. Download to learn more!

The New Paradigm: Cyber Resilience in Higher Education

We will review what shifts in the threat landscape in higher education within the past two years, how institutions supporting their cybersecurity plans, what the common high risk attacks are, and more. Download today!

Building Resilience: Exploring Smart Infrastructure and Its Security

In this whitepaper, we will review how adopters of smart infrastructure, from individual providers to cities that depend on multiple smart systems, can recognize and mitigate risk while still driving innovation. Download to learn more today!

Microsoft 365 Security: A Deep Dive in the Challenges of Governance and License Management

Although Microsoft 365 provides ample data storage capacity, institutions often struggle to implement adequate security measures, leading to the risk of unauthorized access, weak passwords, and unused licenses. While Microsoft prioritizes security, organizations require a comprehensive security plan to safeguard their data.

Unique Use Cases on Higher Ed Networks

Higher education use cases for on-campuses networks are so unique, they stand alone when compared with other industries. Cloud-based Network access control (NAC) can ease management pain points while providing real-time updates and AI-powered visibility.

College Transitions to University with help from eSports Program Growth

In less than three years, D’Youville has gone from hosting a few eager gamers to developing one of the most dynamic eSports programs in the country.

Solving IT Staffing Challenges with Managed Services

Historically, colleges and universities have taken a “do-it-yourself” approach to deploying and managing their network infrastructure. However, campus leaders are starting to rethink this method as they look for ways to solve for a shortage of IT talent.

Advancing Campus Network Security With Zero Trust

Rising cyberattacks, new federal requirements, and an evolving higher education landscape have pushed cybersecurity to the forefront for just about every college and university IT leader.