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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Transforming Student and Business Outcomes Through Data

For higher education institutions, competitive pressures demand new data and analytics strategies that drive both business improvements and student success. Solving key challenges around issues such as evolving funding dynamics, student acquisition and retention, resource restraints and allocation, and most importantly the student journey, all require an institutional commitment to data analytics. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

CustomerXM for Digital

Digital channels are a core part of the student experience. Traditional digital experience programs don’t offer a full picture of the digital student journey and lack a system of action. With Qualtrics, you can close gaps and deliver an exceptional student experience. Download this solution brief now to learn more.

Emory University Conquers Sudo Threat With Red Hat

Emory University’s security team alerted its IT team of a security vulnerability that needed to be remediated quickly. An event such as this would have been very disruptive to the team’s regular operational and project work, not to mention the hours required to manually remediate the patch across more than 500 Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers as well as the potential data breach. But, with the help of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, what would have taken up to two weeks to remediate, took collectively only four hours. Download this case study to learn more.

Reimagining the Workforce: Strategic Priorities and Drivers in Education

Now more than ever, data can help drive transformation. As educational institutions manage their most valuable resource—people—strategic, data‑driven human capital management is essential for hiring, managing, training, rewarding, and retaining talent. From K–12 to higher ed, education must reimagine HR functions through the lens of data. Download this guide to learn more.

Splunk for Higher Education

Today’s educational institutions face challenges that place ever-increasing demands on their technology infrastructure. Download this solution guide to discover how Splunk can help.

Building for the Future: VCU Lays the Groundwork for End-to-End Automation

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), one of several leading public research institutions in the state, wanted to throw its support behind digital learning while reducing its operational costs. Recognizing the efficiency and productivity benefits that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) could deliver, university leaders mapped out a plan to scale automation. Download this case study to learn more.

Western Iowa Tech Community College Connects Campuses With Zoom Rooms and Phone

Western Iowa Tech Community College (WITCC) provides its diverse community of 6,000 students with a range of college and career opportunities, from trade programs to hands-on apprenticeships to two- and four-year degrees. To simplify communications for staff and students, the college built virtual classrooms and embraced Zoom Phone's flexibility. Download this case study to learn more.

The Future of Higher Ed Enrollment is Data-Driven

In higher education, it’s never been more vital to find new ways to interact with an institution’s entire ecosystem. Institutions typically use a wide range of marketing communications systems, each of which gathers and holds valuable data. These systems, which include call centers, business intelligence units, CRM platforms and many others, remain siloed. The critical data they hold is isolated and unavailable to the rest of the engagement channels.