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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Online Authentic Assessments

In this three part series, learn how to use Online Authentic Assessments, how to create them in only five steps, and how to proctor and protect their integrity.

Transform Your Organization with Data in the Cloud

Every year, data migration surpasses its previous record for growth. The industry has a compound annual growth rate of 18% worldwide, with growth nearing 20% in the United States. And with that data migration comes the need to manage data in new ways–-which brings us to data lakes, or cloud-based repositories to store raw data. In 2016, a survey from IDC reported that more than 40% of businesses had imminent plans to deploy a data lake. Another 27% had plans to deploy one in the next few years, which reflects the ever increasing ubiquity of serverless data technology.

Demystifying the DoD’s Cybersecurity Mandate

Everything Your Organization Needs to Know About CMMC Compliance

Improving student experience by integrating student data-and voice

Delivering on a robust, data-enabled solution that incorporates Student Listening is both exciting and daunting. Yet modernizing, integrating, and transforming institutional infrastructure is an inevitable next step to evolving student experience. It can also augment the human power of staff and faculty to do what they do best: develop strategies that promote student learning and experience.

University of Idaho Migrates Major Systems to Cloud in Just 14 Weeks

Since 1993, the university relied on an on-premises Ellucian Banner system to run its student information, human resources and finance operations. By moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, university officials discovered an easy path toward modernization and cost management. And they could take advantage of new services like intrusion detection and prevention.