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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Modernize Today on Containers with AWS and Clearscale

Colleges and universities worldwide are undergoing digital transformations. By modernizing their applications, they can deliver better service to users and keep pace in a competitive landscape. One way AWS helps them modernize is by implementing containers and initiating cultural shifts to streamline development. In this eBook, we discuss best practices in containerization and how you can get started today with containers on AWS.

Ensuring Digital Equity in Information Technology Courses

How Maryville University is Ensuring All Students Have Equal Access to Coding-related Resources

3 Ways AI and Machine Learning Can Transform Public Agencies

Over the past decade, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) have moved from the realm of science fiction into the corporate and governmental mainstream. But while executives know what AI/ML is on a conceptual level, fewer leaders understand how to implement it to solve real business problems. This eBook walks through three use cases that are transforming the operations of public agencies, along with tips for implementation that you can bring back to your team.

Cloud Comes to the University of Nebraska: An IT Success Story

The University of Nebraska serves as the main higher education institution of the state and provides critical information technology infrastructure and applications for a multitude of campuses and organizations.

Modernizing Higher Education with Chatbots

Learn how Oracle Digital Assistant (chatbots) helps automate engagements with citizens, students, and employees, provides a seamless workflow between bots and humans, and allows you to gain efficiency while reducing pressures on staffing resources. Understand how to help your institution better connect with students, professors, and staff; simplify online interactions and take advantage of AI and machine learning capabilities to build intelligent and relatable interactions.

University of Idaho Migrates Major Systems to Cloud in Just 14 Weeks

Since 1993, the university relied on an on-premises Ellucian Banner system to run its student information, human resources and finance operations. By moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, university officials discovered an easy path toward modernization and cost management. And they could take advantage of new services like intrusion detection and prevention.

Youngstown State University Gets ROI from Cloud

An aging server infrastructure was the impetus for Youngstown State University (YSU) in Ohio to move its core Ellucian Banner software to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Besides substantial cost savings, the university was able to eliminate legacy equipment and adopt an infrastructure based on the widely used Linux operating system, making it easier to recruit and retain knowledgeable IT staff.