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Understanding the Role of Stolen Credentials in Data Breaches

Security practitioners and threat actors are constantly developing new techniques to gain advantages over the other. In recent years, security teams have stepped up their approaches to protecting their infrastructure by fortifying their network perimeter defenses, building up protections against advanced malware, upgrading vulnerable operating systems, automating the delivery of patches to stop exploits, and developing counter-measures to spot intruders. The threat actors looking to circumvent these measures are shifting their attention toward the next weakest link in the security chain – the user.

An IT Professional's Guide to Display Technology

Campuses spend time, energy and money training staff to be effective visual communicators and professors are expected to have these skills to communicate lessons. When a new product is introduced to a room full of editors, when a circuit board is analyzed by a team of engineers, or a professor is trying to bring a concept to life, the visuals are as important, maybe even more, than the spoken word.

Integrating Maple into the Math Curriculum: A Systematic Guide

Maple is a powerful tool that can make a big difference in the classroom and improve your experience as an educator. Implementing Maple into your course in the right way allows students to learn faster and more effectively. Read this whitepaper to learn how to navigate the immense possibilities of Maple and most effectively channel them into your classroom.

Aspen Award Winner: Improving Student Engagement and Retention with Video

Online students were struggling. To turn around, Odessa College crafted new rubrics to strengthen engagement, plus implemented interactive videos that humanize online courses and track participation. Now, online students are succeeding at higher rates than ever.

Seven Ways to Make Your Video Lectures Accessible

ADA guidelines are continually changing. Are you prepared?

Get a Handle on Network Security

Network Security is a critical issue for higher education, whether in the campus labs, classrooms, libraries, or residence halls. Open and easy-to access networks are a hallmark of higher education, but that also means shared computers in labs and other common areas, as well as students connecting with myriad devices under BYOD policies. With so many concentrated users expecting easy, anywhere access, network security clearly remains a pressing challenge. Download this exclusive Tech Tactics to learn why many campuses have moved to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to address these pressing issues.

Deliver Service Management Greatness

Driven by the growth of online learning and the expectations of students living in the 24/7 digital age colleges and universities have developed a mindset of service delivery every hour and every day. Campus IT leaders want to deliver five-star help desk support, but closing the gap between their goals and current reality requires new thinking. Download this informative Executive Summary to learn how many universities are tackling the problem.

IT Service and Help Desk Support in Higher Education Infographic

As the use of technology on campus continues to grow, so too does the demand for service desk help. Yet IT service and support practices in many colleges and universities aren’t evolving quickly enough to keep pace with increasing complexity, changing needs, and user preferences.