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Time to Move HCM to the Cloud

Colleges and universities need flexible, leading-edge HR systems to recruit and retain top faculty and staff and keep up with changing workforce demands. A survey of higher education HR leaders suggests moving human capital management (HCM) processes to the cloud can help meet these challenges.

How the Internet of Things is Changing Campus Wi-Fi

The number of smart devices connecting to the Internet is exploding. This trend has serious implications for how campus technology leaders approach the way they design and manage their Wi-Fi networks. Download this exclusive Industry Perspective to learn how campus IT leaders are addressing the need for flexible, intelligent Wi-Fi systems that can automatically identify and control a wide range of device types.

Technology and the Classroom - The Users' Perspective

In a recent study, 81% of K-12 professionals responded that classroom technology like interactive displays have increased collaboration among students. These devices enhance the classroom experience in new ways by encouraging real-time cooperation, allowing students to focus on lessons instead of note-taking, and offering remote field trips via videoconferencing.

Aspen Award Winner: Improving Student Engagement and Retention with Video

Online students were struggling. To turn around, Odessa College crafted new rubrics to strengthen engagement, plus implemented interactive videos that humanize online courses and track participation. Now, online students are succeeding at higher rates than ever.

Seven Ways to Make Your Video Lectures Accessible

ADA guidelines are continually changing. Are you prepared?

Get a Handle on Network Security

Network Security is a critical issue for higher education, whether in the campus labs, classrooms, libraries, or residence halls. Open and easy-to access networks are a hallmark of higher education, but that also means shared computers in labs and other common areas, as well as students connecting with myriad devices under BYOD policies. With so many concentrated users expecting easy, anywhere access, network security clearly remains a pressing challenge. Download this exclusive Tech Tactics to learn why many campuses have moved to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to address these pressing issues.

The Business Case for the Higher Education Cloud

Leading universities want to remain competitive and continue to attract students and top faculty. Community colleges are pressed with serving students efficiently and effectively. Institutions at both ends of the spectrum clearly need to embrace fundamental changes in their most basic business processes and platforms. A critical factor in the planning for those changes includes finding the right partner to assist with a major platform shift to the cloud.

The State of Integration in Higher Ed Tech

As colleges and universities increasingly adopt the cloud and shared services, IT organizations face the complex challenges of re-engineering and re-sourcing the major systems and services of their campus enterprises. That calls for application integration, which encompasses data integration. To understand how and why IT is undertaking these efforts transform its services, Campus Technology queried higher education leaders about their latest integration projects. Learn more with this informative Infographic.