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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Remote Learning That Works

A recent survey found that just half of students worldwide have a more positive opinion about online learning now than they did before the emergence of the pandemic. In fact, three quarters of students, faculty, and administrators reported that COVID-19, had negatively affected student engagement.

What Gen Z Expects in a Student Experience

Improving the student experience is a critical recruitment and retention strategy, and technology-driven services play a key role in this effort. To design a modern campus environment that students will find appealing, higher-education leaders must understand what today’s students demand from their campus experience.

Meet the Demand for Streaming Content

In the race to attract the best students, universities and colleges nationwide need tools and platforms that entice digital natives who have been using computers, tablets and the Internet since they were toddlers. With 71 percent of their TV and movie viewing now taking place online, these students demand streaming content. Forward-thinking higher education institutions are using streaming video to improve the student experience and stay competitive in today’s educational environment.

Top Viewing Trends for Today's College Students

When it comes to technology, the colleges that deliver reliable streaming increase student satisfaction and develop a forward-thinking reputation. In this white paper, we explore student content viewing trends and how those trends have evolved over the last three years, explain the value of providing streaming video on campus, and show how easy it is to add this functionality to a school’s existing network.

The Massive Shift to Online Learning in Higher Education

Now that colleges and universities are using online platforms to connect with students, collect assignments and give valuable feedback, it’s time for leaders to assess how well remote learning is working and use the lessons they’ve learned from this experience to plan for the future.

Managing the Continuous Growth of Data in Education in Unprecedented Times

When Carnegie Mellon University shifted to online learning in spring 2020 in response to the campus closure, suddenly, lots of new virtual machines (VMs) started popping up on the network. Fortunately, the campus' Computing Services organization was ready for the big jump in business.

Achieve Agility through Low Code Platforms: A Guide for Higher Ed

As Higher Education leaders plan for 2021, empowering staff and faculty with automation tools to respond to change will be critical.

Back to School: Leveraging Your LMS to Create a Successful eLearning Program

Colleges and universities are now forced to become eLearning institutions – fast. While many had some form of learning management system (LMS) already in place, moving the entirety of program offerings to a functioning online ecosystem has proven to be a heavy lift. Discover strategies we’ve seen that aid the shift to online instruction in higher education.