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Don't Risk IT: Modernize Campus Infrastructure to Address Cybersecurity

Aging network infrastructures are common in higher education, where refresh cycles often focus on the more visible components of the network. As major security breaches at colleges and universities continue, institutions are realizing they’re taking unnecessary risks by operating network equipment beyond the end of its supported life. Download this informative Industry Perspective to learn how IT leaders in higher education are addressing these issues.

The Critical Balance of Security and Access

During a recent webcast sponsored by SonicWALL, Mehran Basiratmand, Chief Technology Officer at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton, FL, explained how FAU is working to keep its networks, its student information, and its records secure. At the same time, FAU is leveraging high performance computing, mobility, and other new technologies to best serve its 30,000 students spread across six campuses.

Fast, Reliable Performance

Kingston’s KC400 SSD not only is 15 times faster than a hard drive, it comes with a five-year warranty as well! Kingston solid-state drives are known for helping extend the lifecycle and dramatically improve the performance of PCs. Kingston SSDs will make your system boot, shut down quicker, and load applications faster. They are ideal for notebooks and desktops to increase the performance of your demanding multimedia applications!

Why Fujitsu Tablet PCs?

As universities consider the best technology for their campus, it is critical to prove the product will have low TCO and fast ROI. With over 20 years in designing mobile devices for the most challenging environments, many universities have turned to Fujitsu to provide consistent product quality and reliability for their students and staff.

Adobe Creative Cloud - Join Now and Save Up To 25%

Join now and get everything you need to engage and empower your faculty, staff, and students to create impactful content and communications across desktop and mobile.

Powering Progressive Education

Just as the printing press greatly improved acquiring knowledge, technology and the internet are doing the same for this and future generations - opening up inspiring new ways to learn. Download this helpful white paper to learn how universities are addressing the challenge to combine technology with teaching to the advantage of the student.

Case Study: St. Andrew's College

St. Andrew’s has embraced technology as a critical tool in enhancing the learning experience. Interactive projectors, HD TV screens in the classroom, a campus-wide wireless network, and other elements help make lessons more engaging; however, there is one vital device which plays a more important role. Download this case study to learn how St. Andrew's partnered with Fujitsu to equip all students and faculty members with LIFEBOOK T5010 Tablet PCs.

How IT Can Eliminate Monitor And PC Pain Points Using The Latest LG Technologies

LG’s full suite of IT products brings you a variety of IPS monitor and cloud based computing choices to improve the classroom experience.