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The New Parcel Management

Expectations have changed too. Every detail counts as your school competes for quality enrollment and parent contributions. Parcels can be ordered in seconds to arrive on campus within hours. Then, you’re expected to get them delivered near instantly upon arrival.

Ship, Track, and Deliver with Precision

College and university mail centers may ship and process hundreds, or even thousands of deliveries in a single day. Paper-based and manual processes simply can’t keep pace. Errors and delays caused by misplaced or misdirected packages prompt complaints. But that’s just part of your challenge. Download this helpful asset to learn how administrators are addressing the complex needs of university mail centers.

University of Hertfordshire Improves Customer Services and Efficiency with Automated Tracking

With a growing student population and number of satellite buildings, the University of Hertfordshire handles large volumes of inbound parcels each day. For years, the University had been reliant on a manual process to help manage the delivery of packages, but an internal review found the solution was no longer meeting the requirements of the University. The University turned to Pitney Bowes to update the delivery process and, ultimately, improve customer service for its students and staff.

USC Viterbi: Giving Students Anywhere Access with NVIDIA Grid Virtual Computer Labs

Presented by the Executive IT Director at USC Viterbi, this webinar addresses how the engineering virtual lab enables students with access to the most graphics-intensive 3D apps from anywhere, on any device. Learn more about how USC reduced IT cost with virtual computer labs and increased class enrollment with borderless learning.

Get Packages out of the Mailroom and into the Right Hands

77% of college students made an online purchase in the last 30 days (SheerID). The more parcels you receive each day, the more lost, misplaced or stolen parcels you'll experience each year. Download this informative white paper to learn how many universities are addressing the surge of incoming packages efficiently while reducing costs.

Haverford College Adopts Automated Shipping and Tracking for Campus Parcels and Mail

The popularity of ecommerce has resulted in college and university mail centers seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of inbound and outbound packages come through their mail centers on a daily basis.

Thinking Outside the (Capture) Box

Boise State University was in a dilemma. Tasked with growing their online initiatives, they took on multiple platforms for video creation, hosting, and streaming video. However, maintaining those numerous systems was unwieldy and unsustainable.

Digital Transformation Starts with Identity

The connected economy is here, and it’s up to you to make it work. If you’re like most IT organizations, you have a list of apps and portals to build or maintain for customers and partners. But according to a recent IDG study, legacy identity management solutions are complicating things.