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Migrating Your Controller-based WLAN to Mojo Cloud

Wireless access is a critical component of modern education, but managing WiFi access is a constant struggle for colleges and universities. As higher ed institutions strive to continue their digital transformation, they’re seeking new and innovative ways to save costs, increase agility, increase scalability and reduce maintenance. Truly enabling a high-density, secure WiFi network in a campus setting is the goal, and moving to the cloud is the most seamless way to provide a secure, scalable, reliable and cost effective solution. Still, there are several considerations to explore as your institution considers migrating from a controller-based WLAN to the Mojo Cloud.

7 Ways to Make Yourself Hard to Hack

Call it layered security or defense in depth, but just make sure that you use it. While the concept is as old as IT security thinking itself, that doesn’t make applying layers of security any the less relevant today. Choosing the correct layers, of course, is paramount. Think of defense in depth as being a risk mitigation construct applying multiple layers of control across the length and breadth of your IT environment, and you will be pretty much on the money.

Learning Starts with Audio

Audio quality is essential to effective teaching and classroom engagement, but it can be difficult to choose and deploy technology that will ensure the exceptional audio quality that today’s students expect and demand as part of their educational experience. Academic institutions must be selective in the microphone systems they integrate into teaching spaces of all sizes. This white paper will outline common challenges in maintaining high audio quality and describe how current microphone technology — and specific features and system configurations — can solve these issues and simplify the extension of voice lift and audio recording capabilities across the campus.

Harness Institutional Intelligence

Efficiently mining data could have practical applications beyond IT issue resolutions, in helping colleges and universities address factors impacting student success. Download this informative asset to learn how the data already in your campus can generate insights to solve higher ed's biggest challenges.

Understanding When to Choose a Workstation vs. PCs in Higher Education

Technological innovations that were experimental, risky and cost-prohibitive just a few years ago are rapidly and widely being adopted in our workplaces, scientific and artistic pursuits, and learning institutions. Colleges and universities seek to take best advantage of such fast-changing technology as they compete for gifted students and high-profile faculty. Digital curricula and the complex computing requirements that result when learning is enhanced with virtual reality, 3D modeling and data intensive applications can be challenging and costly to accommodate. However, solid, powerful, proven workstation technology that relies on the most advanced capabilities of modern operating systems and hardware components empowers students to develop skills that allow them to contribute in a digital economy, no matter what career choice they make. Download this white paper from Dell and Intel® to help you understand when you should choose a workstation versus a PC for higher education courses.

The SRS Selection Process: How the University of Texas at El Paso Achieved Their Goal

Successfully rolling out campus wide technology like a student response system depends heavily on full cooperation and support from the faculty. Download this informative Digital Dialogue to learn helpful advice from the University of Texas at El Paso about researching and selecting an SRS.

Help Students Succeed with Anywhere Access to IT

Embracing mobility is key to supporting learning outcomes at all levels. App and desktop virtualization allow IT to streamline management and processes while providing students, faculty and staff with seamless, secure access to the apps and data they need to be successful.

Reinvent your Learning Environment for Student Success

Today, schools, colleges and universities are electing to shift towards more innovative, open-use spaces that offer creative environments for learning and teaching to take place, often including features such as improved Wi-Fi, large screen monitors and collaborative lounge areas. Students can leverage enhanced digital tools to inspire new learning and maximize productivity.