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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

The Definitive Guide To: 3D Printing In Higher Education

Get an in-depth look at the state of additive manufacturing within Higher Education, Career Technical Education, and Research and a how-to on leveraging 3D printing to unlock new frontiers in research, academic and manufacturing settings.

UltiMaker Guide: 3D Printing in Higher Education and Research

In a fast-changing world, equipping young people with the right skills for the future is not only more important than ever – it’s more challenging than ever. Learn how you can adopt 3D printing in a way that not only helps students succeed, but delivers value and efficiency for your institution.

Case Study: Saint Francis University Reduces Length of Reporting Process From Two Days to Just an Hour

Like many universities, Saint Francis University found that the value and magnitude of their assets grew faster than their outdated asset tracking system could keep up.

ActivPanel for Higher Education

This informative eBook will introduce you to Promethean and the power of interactive panel display technology in a higher education environment.

10 Insights on Closing the Tech Skills Gap and Training the Workforce of the Future

According to a McKinsey survey, 87 percent of companies worldwide say they have skills gaps, or expect to within a few years. Academic programs that address these in-demand skills are vital to prepare the workforce of the future, and can be a differentiator for colleges and universities under pressure to recruit and retain students.

Innovation in Education: Higher Education All-In on Cloud-First

When digital transformation is the destination, all roads lead through the cloud. Here’s how colleges and universities can plan their own cloud journey, leverage cloud computing capabilities to meet growing student and administrative demands, and achieve true innovation, agility, collaboration and personalization.

Solving IT Staffing Challenges with Managed Services

Historically, colleges and universities have taken a “do-it-yourself” approach to deploying and managing their network infrastructure. However, campus leaders are starting to rethink this method as they look for ways to solve for a shortage of IT talent.

Journey Towards a Digital Transformation: Five Must Haves for Higher Education

In these days of economic uncertainty, workforce challenges, and increasing customer demands, how you begin your transformation is as important as ever in determining future success.