Preparing Students for Career Success with Next-Gen Skills in STEM, AI and More 11/17/2020


  • Ohio Colleges Push Union Members to Finish 4-Year Degrees

    Two schools in Ohio have teamed up to help union members obtain bachelor’s degrees. In a new program called "CSU Career Plus+," Central State University is working with Eastern Gateway Community College to help graduates of the two-year college who are also members of the AFL-CIO finish their four-year degrees in online classes.

  • Amazon Expands AWS Cloud Training Program

    Amazon has added new cities for its full-time, 12-week technology upskilling program, AWS re/Start.

  • Purdue Project Tackles AR/VR for Workforce Ed

    Purdue University has received a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to continue development of a prototype that will facilitate workforce education being done through augmented reality and virtual reality.



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