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Strategic Discussions on Technology 2/11/2019

Executive View

  • Technology Change: Closing the Knowledge Gap

    Is the rate of technology change outpacing your ability to understand its impact, respond to its potential, or adapt to it appropriately? Here, Daniel Christian shares his insights about closing this knowledge gap.


Worth Noting

  • Florida School Tests AI as Virtual Tutor for Online Course

    Florida International University is testing out the use of a virtual learning assistant pegged as "artificial intelligence tutoring" in an online program. The university has begun a pilot with Cognii, an education technology company that uses natural language processing to interact with the student as he or she learns a particular topic, gets assessed on comprehension and receives coaching to master the concepts.

  • NSF Funds Indiana U Jetstream Cloud Through 2020

    Indiana University's Research Technologies center has received $1.3 million from the National Science Foundation to fund operations for the Jetstream research computing cloud through 2020.

  • California CCs to Move to Cloud-Based Library Management Platform

    Almost every institution in the California Community Colleges system will be adopting the same cloud-based, systemwide library services platform. The goal is to connect every student to the "most useful, high quality resources" through a uniform application. The platform is expected to replace the various library systems currently in use by participating community colleges in the state and is built on two products produced by ExLibris, which specializes in content applications for higher education.

  • Gates Foundation Seeks Intermediaries to Help Scale Student Success

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is seeking organizations (or networks of organizations) — including state agencies — that can help "transform" colleges and universities to boost student success.

  • IES Funds Rural Education, Secondary Writing Research

    The U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences is investing $25 million to create three national research centers focused on rural education and secondary writing.

  • GitHub Classroom Adds Multi-Class Support

    An online open source program originally designed to help software developers collaborate but then modified to help teachers manage computer science-oriented workflows in their classrooms has added a function intended to simplify its use across the school.

  • Robots Delivering Pizzas, Coffee and Donuts on Campus at George Mason U

    George Mason University has what is easily one of the first large-scale college programs to use robots to deliver food on campus.

  • Who Do We Trust to Develop and Manage AI?

    An intriguing survey on American attitudes to artificial intelligence found that more people in this country support development of AI (41 percent) than oppose it (22 percent). But there's no consensus on who should handle its governance: Americans place the greatest amount of trust in university researchers to build AI (50 percent), followed by the U.S. military (49 percent). The research comes out of the Center for the Governance of AI in the Future of Humanity Institute, which is part of the University of Oxford.


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