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  • 4 Cost-Cutting Cloud Strategies for Campus IT

    Hands tied by budget cuts, Westmont College's first CIO has introduced the institution to cloud computing in an effort to enhance IT services without additional financial resources. Here Westmont CIO Reed A. Sheard shares details on four cloud-based projects he implemented to do just that.

  • ERP Bridges Administrative Divisions at Alma College

    Fed up with disjointed software applications and diminishing product support on a soon-to-be-obsolete ERP system, the IT and administrative teams at Alma College in Alma, MI, started looking for a better alternative.


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    Using Video & Multimedia to Improve Student Engagement
    Sponsored by: GovConnection
    Learn how educators are using video, whiteboards, online conferencing, and other new media can enhance and improve your lessons.

  • Make Better Business Decisions with Business Intelligence Technology
    Sponsored by: IBM
    Campus staff often rely on cumbersome, manual processes that do not allow in-depth analysis. But in today's climate of reduced funding and more competition, colleges and universities need to find insight to create leaner operations. Download this white paper to learn how to streamline campus operations and spending decisions.

  • Prepare Your Security Program for Next-Generation Devices
    Sponsored by: SonicWall
    Learn how to: identify programs current strengths using the perspective of information security managers; understand which specific areas and practices should be the main focus of the programs; develop the programs for near and long-term growth.

  • A Migration Plan to Windows 7
    Sponsored by: Dell
    Develop an action plan for migrating to Windows 7. Find out what you need to know about migrating to Windows 7—including key issues and benefits—and get a step-by-step plan for a seamless deployment.