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Tech, Tools & Learning Strategies for 21st Century Education 7/24/2019


  • Report: Early Momentum Metrics Predict Outcomes for CC Students

    Community college outcomes would be higher, according to a new study from the Community College Research Center, if more students met nine "early momentum metrics." These metrics encompass three areas for year-one students: the pace of credit accumulation during the first semester and first year, completion of gateway courses in math and English, and persistence from fall to spring.


Rearview: Trending 1 Year Ago

  • Want to Make Students Happier with Learning? Use More Video

    The majority of people in education believe that video usage on campus increases student satisfaction with their learning experiences; more than nine in 10 respondents (92 percent) said just that to a recent research project on the topic. The survey was done by Kaltura, a company that sells products and services for capturing, creating, managing and hosting videos.



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