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Tech, Tools & Learning Strategies for 21st Century Education 5/5/2021


  • How COVID-19 Created Opportunities for Teachers and Students

    There's no doubt that the pandemic caused incredible upheaval in higher education — but the positive impacts of that disruption are significant. Here's how the shift to online learning will benefit both faculty and students moving forward.

  • Podcast: Supporting Entrepreneurship from a Distance: How Harvard’s Innovation Labs Went Virtual

    When you picture a university innovation center, what comes to mind is usually a lot of hands-on collaboration and networking. But what happens when that heavily in-person experience is forced to go virtual? For this episode of the podcast, we talk with Matt Segneri, executive director of the Harvard Innovation Labs, to find out about the past year’s challenges and successes converting in-person student activities into virtual experiences that still capture that entrepreneurial vibe.


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