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Tech, Tools & Learning Strategies for 21st Century Education 9/7/2022


  • To Improve Outcomes for Students, We Must Improve Support for Faculty

    The doctoral programs that prepare faculty for their positions often fail to train them on effective teaching practices. We owe it to our students to provide faculty with the professional development they need to help learners realize their full potential.

  • Building Digital Skills with a Smart Escape Room

    At Pennsylvania’s Northampton Community College, students are engaging with cutting-edge technologies in a basement “apartment” that doubles as an escape puzzle.

  • The Revolution in Higher Education Will Be Led Through Data

    It's one thing to talk about innovation, but another thing to actually make it happen. Driving actual change is all about timing — having the right idea at the right moment, according to Phil Komarny, chief innovation officer at an institution known for innovation: Maryville University. And that moment is now: Komarny sees COVID as a catalyst for utilizing data to revolutionize higher education and the student experience.


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