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  • The Challenge of Understanding MOOC Data

    Four years after the launch of edX, the data generated by massive open online courses still mystifies many institutions. Could inter-university collaboration unlock the secrets to better course delivery?

  • Essentials of Digital Accessibility

    Digital accessibility is a hot topic in higher education these days, and training faculty in creating accessible digital materials is on the mind of every instructional designer or educational technology team. Here we look at some of the most common issues that confront faculty when making their course content accessible.

  • Combining the Best of Crowdsourcing, Academic History in a Mobile App

    Marshall University history students have the opportunity to contribute to the digital commons through Clio, a free tool that highlights thousands of historical and cultural sites throughout the United States, curated by the crowd.



  • Students Report: Classroom Use of Tech Getting Lamer

    More students earned better grades in their face-to-face courses than they did in their online courses. And more of them said they believe they could do even better if their professors used more technology in the classroom. Yet in some ways student confidence in the use of classroom technology appears to be on the wane. Those are some of the conclusions shared recently from a May 2016 survey of 500 college students.

  • Time Spent with Course Content Isn't Biggest LMS Predictor of Student Success

    The biggest predictor of student achievement (based on their use of a learning management system) isn't the amount of time they spend working with course content; nor is it how long they spend taking assessments or participating in discussion forums.


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