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  • How Creative Listening Helps Institutions Better Serve Students

    Listening to students' wants and needs throughout their interactions with a college or university can help uncover the moments that matter — the intervention points that can make or break the student experience.   

  • AI in Education: Will We Need Humans Anymore?

    ChatGPT is groundbreaking, but it's also merely the first in what will likely be a series of innovations built on foundational developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing that are going to change the world. We spoke with Mark Schneider, director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences, about how AI is transforming education and the evolving role of humans in an AI-powered future.


Worth Noting

  • FSA Details Data Security Requirements Taking Effect June 9

    The U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid office recently published detailed information security requirements for higher education institutions that previously or currently service, administer, or aid in the administration of a Federal Student Aid program, noting that IHEs participating in FSA programs fall under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and must comply with its mandates by June 9, 2023.

  • K16, GPTZero Partner on AI Writing Detection Tool

    K16 Solutions is working with GPTZero to bring AI writing detection to K–12 schools and higher education institutions.

  • University Innovation Alliance Project to Address High DFW Rates in Gateway Courses

    The University Innovation Alliance, a national consortium of public research universities dedicated to increasing the number of diversity of college graduates across the country, has announced a new project aimed at diagnosing and addressing high DFW (drop, withdraw, or fail) rates in gateway courses, particularly for students of color and those from low-income backgrounds.

  • Pepperdine U Joins EdX Partner Network, Plans to Launch First MicroMasters Program

    Through a new partnership with online learning platform edX, Pepperdine University plans to launch its first MicroMasters master's degree program, available later this year. The new program will offer a flexible pathway to completing a master's degree through career-relevant, skill-based introductory courses.

  • Turnitin Integrating AI Writing Detector into Its Products

    Plagiarism detection company Turnitin announced that the AI writing detection tool it teased in January will be available as a feature of its existing products as soon as April.

  • D2L Announces New Tools for Creativity, Improved UX

    Global learning technology company D2L, maker of the Brightspace LMS, has updated and added new features to its product suite. The updates include tools to promote creativity, improve the user experience, and strengthen the learning ecosystem, the company said.

  • Gale Adds Collaboration Feature for Digital Humanities Projects

    Gale, part of the Cengage Group ed tech company, has added Gale Digital Scholar Lab: Groups as a new real-time collaborative tool within its cloud-based Scholar Lab platform to support Digital Humanities project-based learning.

  • YouScience Intros Brightpath Education-to-Career Solution

    Career training and aptitude assessment provider YouScience has launched a new education-to-career platform called Brightpath that helps students identify their natural aptitudes and skills, select the learning path and school coursework best aligned to their aptitudes and future career opportunities, connect with post-secondary programs matching their aptitudes and interests, find internships and jobs matching their aptitudes, and even earn CTE certifications.

  • LG Debuts Laser and LED Projectors for Education

    LG has introduced two new projectors in its ProBeam line of education laser projectors for large and medium spaces, as well as a new LED projector for small spaces.

  • Sony Electronics Announces New IP-Based 4K PTZ Cameras With Built-in AI Analytics

    Sony Electronics will expand its pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera lineup later this year with two new 4K models, the SRG-A40 and SRG-A12. Using AI analytics, these cameras automatically track and frame presenters, regardless of movement or posture, with no computer operation required.


Professional Resources

How CSU Global Designs for Inclusive Online Education from the Start

college student working on laptop

The Campus Technology Insider podcast talks to CSU Global about the importance of designing courses for accessibility from the start, ways to engage students online, and how inclusive design ultimately serves all students. Listen to the podcast.


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