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C-Level View: Strategic Discussions on Technology

C-Level View opens a strategy-oriented forum for discussions on technology topics of vital importance to today's top-level campus executives. It offers information sharing, interviews, opinion, news, and career moves for all who are charged with the progressive use of technology across all areas of the campus. Published monthly.
Free subscription for qualified higher education professionals

Learning Engineering: New Profession or Transformational Process? (07/08/24)

AI: Familiar Territory or Alien World? (06/10/24)

The EdTech Navigator: A Strategic Planning Framework for New Learning Spaces (05/13/24)

Toward a Human-Centered Digital Ecosystem: NJIT (04/08/24)

A Fresh Look and a New Home: FLEXspace Joins with HETMA and Readies Its Portal Version 3.0 (03/11/24)

Presence and Integrity in Online Learning (02/12/24)

4 AI Imperatives for Higher Education in 2024 (01/22/24)

From Career Upskilling to Lifelong Learning: A Q&A with 2U's Anant Agarwal (01/08/24)

Amazon Pledges to Train 2 Million People in AI Skills by 2025 (11/27/23)

Boosting Research While Building a STEM Talent Pipeline (11/13/23)

3 Keys to Making Microcredentials Valid for Learners, Schools, and Employers (05/22/23)

Can Artificial Intelligence Expand Our Capacity for Human Learning? (05/08/23)

Taking a Holistic Approach to IT Change (04/24/23)

Anywhere Learning Happens: The eduroam Global WiFi Access Service (04/10/23)

Rethinking the Metrics that Define Student Success (03/27/23)

A New NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center in Indiana: The Center for Quantum Technologies (03/13/23)

Lumen Learning Founders Kim Thanos and David Wiley on Equity and Student Success (01/23/23)

D2L: Education at Its Core Is Innately Human (01/09/23)

New in Bentley University's Undergraduate Core: "Living in the Metaverse" (12/12/22)

The FLEXspace Community: Like Leading a World-Class Orchestra (11/14/22)

Data Science: Re-Imagining Our Institutions at the Systems Level (10/10/22)

What We Learned From Quantum Summer School 2022 (09/12/22)

Learning Management Systems Are Getting Smarter (08/08/22)

Higher Education Data Centers Move to a Cloud Operating Model (07/11/22)

ORNL Leads Open Science with the Frontier Exascale Supercomputer (06/13/22)

Right from the Start: Data Analytics in Introductory Courses at Bentley University (05/09/22)

Quantum Summer School Is Just Around the Corner (04/11/22)

What Is Learning Loss in the Wake of the Pandemic? (03/14/22)

A New Vision for ePortfolio Technology (02/14/22)

FLEXspace: Building the Resource, Fostering the Community (01/10/22)

Internet2: Extending Identity and Access Around the Globe with InCommon (12/13/21)

Native American Students Build STEM Skills While Exploring Their Cultural Stories with VR/AR Design Projects (11/08/21)

"The Rise of Social Media" — Ponderings from a 3-Credit Course (10/11/21)

Internet2: A New Network for a 25th Anniversary (09/27/21)

FLEXspace with LSRS v.3 Integration: Your Key to Future Proofing Learning Spaces (09/13/21)

Do It Once, Do It Well, Serve Many: Internet2 NET+ (08/23/21)

Thinking Full-Speed Ahead at Instructure's Future of Education Collaborative (08/09/21)

In Search of a Student Relationship Management System (07/12/21)

Social Media Now Has a Past — Can We Learn from Our Mistakes? (06/14/21)

Remaining High-Touch for Graduate Students in a Contactless Pandemic (05/10/21)

Supporting Students Where They Are: Bentley's CIS Sandbox (04/12/21)

Augmenting the Learning Dialogue Online (03/08/21)

Internet2: 25 Years of Technology and Community (02/08/21)

The Annual Report: Ringing in the Changes (01/11/21)

Higher Education IT Consultancy: A View from Both Sides of the Desk (12/14/20) A Hub for Sharing and a Platform for Research (11/09/20)

Is Now a Good Time to Consider How You Are Using Physical Classroom Spaces? (10/12/20)

ASU: Laser-Focused on Ensuring the Current Learning Experience; Sights Set on Designs for the Future (09/14/20)

Quantum Computing for the Next Generation of Computer Scientists and Researchers (08/10/20)

When Learning Becomes Leading, Leading Becomes Learning (07/13/20)

Staking a Claim on the Future of Education: Blended Learning (06/08/20)

Open Source Tools for a Digital Research Ecosystem (05/11/20)

Ready for Anything with Internet Technology? Aim High. (04/13/20)

Don't Miss Computational Thinking in Your Digital Literacy Program (03/09/20)

Building Successful Digital Tools at SOCCCD with Human-Centered Design (02/10/20)

Curricular/Co-Curricular Connections ... Finding the 'And' that Benefits Students' Future Careers (01/13/20)

Digital Transformation: A Focus on Creativity, Not Tools (12/09/19)

Bringing Students On Board for Portfolios (11/11/19)

Learning Space Design Takes a Community: Guiding the FLEXspace Portal (10/14/19)

Technology as Part of the Culture for Legal Professionals (09/09/19)

Purdue's TLT Partners with Faculty to Accelerate Grading in Large Enrollment Courses (08/12/19)

Taking Your Student from Information Searcher to Wikipedian (07/08/19)

Impactful Technologies and The Power to Influence Change (06/10/19)

Development at SOCCCD: The Student Design Team Meets SmartSchedule (05/13/19)

Exploring Digital Fluency at Penn State University (04/01/19)

Hacking the Hackathon at OSU (03/11/19)

Technology Change: Closing the Knowledge Gap (02/11/19)

Learning Engineering: Making Education More "Professional" (01/14/19)

FLEXspace: From Learning Space Examples, to Planning and Assessment Tools and a Research Community (12/10/18)

Purposeful Faculty Development (11/05/18)

Michigan Online: "Here to Learn" — Together (10/08/18)

Supporting Digital Transformation in Education: A Model for Statewide and Regional Networks (09/10/18)

Data Analytics and Student Advising: Creating a Culture Shift on Campus (08/13/18)

Protecting Privacy while Leveraging Opportunity (07/09/18)

We Can Do Better in the New Reality: Rethinking Faculty Roles (06/18/18)

An Agile Team for Teaching Agile Development (05/14/18)

Transforming the Postsecondary Professional Education Experience (04/16/18)

Transforming the Postsecondary Professional Education Experience (04/16/18)

On Change and Relevance for Higher Education (03/12/18)

Hacking Real-World Problems with Virtual and Augmented Reality (02/12/18)

A PAR Update and Vision for Predictive Analytics in the Transformation of Education (01/08/18)

The Power of the Consortium in Higher Education (10/16/17)

Leveraging Intensive Teamwork Far Beyond the LMS Migration (09/11/17)

Developing Guided Pathways in the Community College (08/14/17)

The Case for a Next-Generation Learning Platform (07/10/17)

Hobsons' Predictive Analytics Integration: From the PAR Framework to Holistic Tools (06/12/17)

20170508 (05/08/17)

IT Takes a Village: Getting a "Seat at the Table" is Not Enough (04/10/17)

20170313 (03/13/17)

Students Across the Globe Learn About Augmented Reality — From Each Other (02/13/17)

Technology, Data-Centric Models, and the Equity of Information (01/09/17)

Coming of Age: The Online Research Data Repository (12/13/16)

Mixed Reality: From the Design Lab to the Professions (11/15/16)

When Portals Retire — What's Next? (10/18/16)

From IoT to IoE: More Ways for Institutions to Connect to Everything (09/20/16)

From Dreams to Realities: AR/VR/MR in Education (08/23/16)

Scheduling for Student Success (07/19/16)

ePortfolio: Changing the Rhetoric of Technology Adoption (06/21/16)

FLEXspace: Sharing the Best of Learning Space Design (05/17/16)

Mixing It Up in the Design Lab: The Virtuality-Reality Continuum (04/19/16)