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Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

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Using Desktop Virtualization to Drive Digital Equality in Higher Education

Today’s higher education environment is marked by changing student expectations related to their increasingly diverse computing needs. Higher education institutions are striving to create student friendly IT infrastructures that support students’ desire to bring their own mobile devices to campus. Download this white paper to learn how institutions are allowing students to have easy access to applications and resources anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

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Tripp Lite Protects the Whiteriver Unified School District

While school districts invest in technology continues to increase their level of protection for the investments must grow with it. Please read how Whiteriver Unified school district has done this, then contact GovConnection, a Tripp Lite solutions provider, to discuss how to protect your technology investments.

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Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS): A Perfect Fit for Higher Education

Desktop virtualization has stepped in to radically simplify IT, moving the heavy lifting of end-user computing and desktop support to the datacenter. Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) takes virtualization a step further, moving the virtual desktop infrastructure and services to the cloud. Download this exclusive Industry Perspective to learn how higher education is using Desktop Virtualization to address today's biggest end-user computing challenges.

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Sony Laser Projectors Help Enhance Learning Through Advanced Visualization Applications

Visualization applications in higher education are starting to turn ordinary presentations and lectures into enhanced learning experiences. Download this White Paper to learn how Colorado State University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are exploring the possibilities with laser projectors.

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New: Creative Cloud for Education

Adobe, through GovConnection, brings together an essential and comprehensive set of integrated products and services to further collaboration and creativity in education. Adobe Creative Cloud for education gives your students, faculty, and staff access to the latest industry-leading creative software for design, web, video, and photography—all right on the desktop—plus seamless ways to share and collaborate through access to online services.

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How "Software-Defined" Are Changing Modern Data Centers

Software-defined data centers are increasingly becoming the norm for IT organizations looking to reduce infrastructure costs, improve resiliency against unplanned service outages and make IT resources easier to manage and scale.

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Smart Education Tools!

In today’s interactive classrooms, smartphones and tablet devices have become integral tools for education, but sharing content and material with/and amongst students usually requires working with complex classroom AV systems or asking students to crowd around a tiny screen.

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How Desktop-as-a-Service Can Solve Higher Education's End-User Computing Challenges

Colleges and universities face considerable end-user computing challenges today. Download this White Paper to learn how moving to cloud-hosted desktops and apps as-a-service can help.