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    Report: Students Believe Tablets Will Transform the Future of Higher Ed

    The vast majority of undergraduate and graduate students believe tablets will transform the future of higher education, but most still rely on laptops and smartphones for school work, according to a new study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Pearson. Read More

  • Student Advising | Feature

    Building a Better Academic Planning Tool University of Arizona Smart Planner

    The University of Arizona ditched its course catalog in favor of an interactive system for navigating course options and optimizing the route to a degree. Read More

  • Accessibility | Feature

    5 Accessible Design Tips for Blended Courses 5 Accessible Design Tips for Blended Courses

    Revamping a course to be accessible to students with physical or learning disabilities can help make it more accessible to everybody else too. Read More

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    Survey: Digital Textbooks Gaining Esteem in Student Eyes

    Digital textbooks are becoming a bigger part of the vernacular in higher education. A recent survey showed that slightly more than three out of five students use interactive textbooks with features that include video, audio and quizzes; more than two out of five students work in courses that use apps, social media and online productivity tools; and one out of three students has attended flipped classrooms in which they watch video lectures before heading to class. Read More

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    U Iowa Grows a Green Roof U Iowa Grows a Green Roof

    The University of Iowa recently opened its new $126 million interdisciplinary biomedical research center, which sports what it claims is a first for the state: a green roof. Read More