• IT Trends | News

    Report: IT Strategies for Non-Traditional Tech Projects

    The traditional IT organization is accustomed to being responsible for back office and infrastructure technologies. Yet emerging technologies tend to support operations that are outside the normal purview of IT. What's a CIO to do? Read More

  • 2014 Innovators Awards | Profile

    Accessibility-as-a-Service in Georgia Remote Captioning a Class at AMAC

    Georgia Tech's AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center is a full-service resource that supplies repositories of accessible digital textbook files, Braille, assistive software and remote captioning for students with disabilities, as well as training and consulting services. Read More

  • 2014 Innovators Awards | Profile

    Open Source Planning and Advising Tool Supports Student Success University of Washington MyPlan team

    To keep students' academic plans on track, the University of Washington developed open source software that integrates previously siloed administrative functions such as degree audit and articulation, student lifecycle and recruitment, registration and advising. Read More

  • C-Level View | Feature

    Inside The FOLD: Marist College's Game-Changing Online Learning Domain

    Fashion, long recognized as a discipline driven by change, was among the first academic program areas in which Marist College began to develop cutting-edge education applications for the institution's Academic Community Cloud (ACC). The FOLD (Fashion Online Learning Domain), an online community and collaboration environment, emerged to engage students, industry participants, and the wider global fashion world in exploring the fashion discipline and real-world trends. Read More

  • 2014 Innovators Awards | Profile

    Grassroots IT Leadership NYU TorchTech

    A community-led group is helping NYU's highly distributed IT organizations collaborate better, build relationships, share information and impact IT strategy across the university. Read More