• Accessibility | Feature

    5 Accessible Design Tips for Blended Courses 5 Accessible Design Tips for Blended Courses

    Revamping a course to be accessible to students with physical or learning disabilities can help make it more accessible to everybody else too. Read More

  • Research | News

    Survey: Digital Textbooks Gaining Esteem in Student Eyes

    Digital textbooks are becoming a bigger part of the vernacular in higher education. A recent survey showed that slightly more than three out of five students use interactive textbooks with features that include video, audio and quizzes; more than two out of five students work in courses that use apps, social media and online productivity tools; and one out of three students has attended flipped classrooms in which they watch video lectures before heading to class. Read More

  • Green Buildings | News

    U Iowa Grows a Green Roof U Iowa Grows a Green Roof

    The University of Iowa recently opened its new $126 million interdisciplinary biomedical research center, which sports what it claims is a first for the state: a green roof. Read More

  • Mobile Computing | News

    Report: Smartphone Shipments To Top 1.25 Billion on Strength of Emerging Markets

    More than 1.25 billion smartphones will be sold in 2014, an increase of nearly a quarter over the previous year's 1.01 billion sales, according to a new forecast from market research firm International Data Corp. Read More

  • Login | Viewpoint

    Innovation Requires a Little "Crazy"

    Behind MIT's efforts to redefine the future of higher education is a willingness to experiment and take risks. Read More