• Online Learning | Feature

    Motivate and Engage Online Learners All Semester Long Motivate and Engage Online Learners All Semester Long

    These 10 strategies can help keep learners on track to successfully finish your online course. Read More

  • IT Trends | Viewpoint

    Why Your University Needs More Student IT Workers

    Student employees account for more than half of Southern Illinois University's IT staff. Here's why the benefits of student labor outweigh the risks. Read More

  • 2014 Innovators Awards | Profile

    Building DNA in the Cloud Howard Salis

    Penn State researcher Howard Salis created a simple tool for a complex process — DNA sequencing — and turned it into a highly scalable, on-demand system that serves scientists all over the world. Read More

  • Gaming | News

    University Alliance Promotes Discipline of Play

    Could there be a cabinet post for a "czar of play" in this country's future? Read More

  • Strategic Directions | Feature

    A Collaborative for Student Success and Institutional Comparisons

    Joined by more than 20 member institutions to date, PAR is a growing not-for-profit collaborative venture that pools normalized (and anonymized) data to support research on student success and create predictive models and strategies for intervention. With 1.8 million-plus records in its dataset, PAR is offering its members highly reliable data modeling for student success, as well as a new potential for comparative institutional research. Read More