• Mobile Development | Feature

    How Notre Dame Creates Mobile Apps With No Coding Required Mobile App Development

    Non-technical end users can now build their own mobile apps using a modular, do-it-yourself approach. Read More

  • LMS | Tutorial

    Awarding Badges in Moodle

    The odds are good that you accomplished something over the course of your life for which you were extremely proud, but the significance of that accomplishment was lost in the explanation to others. After telling them of your grand accomplishment, their retort was along the lines of: "Well, what do you want? A medal?" Read More

  • CT 2014 | Feature

    Leading Ed Tech Innovation and Change Campus Technology 2014 in Boston

    Campus Technology 2014 brought together technology thought leaders for a dialogue on data, change, MOOCs, innovation and more. Read More

  • C-Level View | Feature

    Research: What Value Does a Degree or Certificate Hold for the Adult Learner?

    The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) and Hobsons completed a pilot study during AY 2013-2014 of adult learners at eight participating higher education institutions. The investigators have just released "Measuring Impact: Findings From a Study of Adult Student Gains and Satisfaction." CT asked Jim Fong, Director of the UPCEA Center for Research & Consulting and Todd Bloom, Chief Academic Officer at Hobsons for their comments. Read More

  • Research | News

    Widespread 3D Printing in Classrooms Still a Decade Out 3d printing in education

    While colleges and universities have slowly begun adopting 3D printing technologies, mainstream adoption in education and among consumers is still a long way off, according to a new analysis. Read More