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Bite Size is the Right Size

Does your campus have a digital skills gap? Universities are finding that students are not prepared for entry into the modern digital workforce, resulting in a gap between the skills they’ve learned, and the digital skills they need in everyday use.

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Mobility Initiative Drives Student Engagement, Learning and Retention

Southern Illinois University undertook a mobility initiative in 2013 and has now distributed nearly 7,000 tablets. The results: a dramatic improvement in learning outcomes.

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State University of New York at New Paltz: Makerbot Innovation Center

SUNY New Paltz, one of the nation’s most open, diverse, and artistic universities has launched the very first MakerBot Innovation Center. Comprising more than 30 MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers, SUNY New Paltz not only built a cutting-edge center for students to learn and experiment with 3D printing, but they also created a vibrant creativity hub for the wider New Paltz community.

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Unleash the Power of Video on Your Campus

As a powerful and concise medium, video is radically changing how we teach, learn and preserve academic information. Successful institutions, large and small, have discovered this and rely on a video management platform to support their academic missions, broaden reach, cater to individual student needs and maintain an attractive campus environment that keeps the university’s competitive edge.

VMware Digital Dialogue

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Virtualizing Campus Desktops

Download this exclusive Digital Dialogue to learn how virtual desktops, whether supported on-premises or in the cloud, can help higher education deliver the best computing experience to students on every device.

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HP Desktop Mini: The Next-Generation in Business Desktop PCs

With the ever increasing pace of business, streamlining of workloads and workflows, shrinking technology, network file storage, and the cloud, the desktop PC is evolving. No longer does every task require a power-centric,large, expandable PC chassis with massive hard drives. Performance, simplicity, versatility, space-saving, and power efficiency are the demands of today’s business desktop PC. Yet, in the enterprise, security and manageability are still critical. With desktop virtualization just emerging, a powerful business PC is still where the majority of daily work gets done. Read this White Paper to learn how HP’s newest and smallest business desktop platform, the HP Desktop Mini, fits the bill without filling the space.