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Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

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Infographic: Student Mobile Workspaces

94% of higher ed schools believe that students should have anytime, anywhere access to learning resources, but 55% do not have this level of access today. To find out how schools are tackling their mobility challenges, download the infographic.

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IT Professionals Weigh in on Business Continuity Infographic

IT professionals depend on software to increase resiliency while cutting capital expenses. But don’t take it from us, here is what IT professionals have to say about software and its impact on business continuity. Download this informative infographic to help with your power management needs.

IBM Smart Teaching

Smart Teaching

What do identifying consumer buying habits, preventing future crime, administering pre-emptive health care and detecting fraud have in common? All can be achieved today through the use of predictive analytics. Using data instead of gut instinct to drive decisions is the difference between knowing and guessing. Analyzing relevant data to answer these questions and basing your decisions and actions on facts is a better way to achieve success than by acting on intuition alone. Download this white paper to learn how predictive analytics are positively impacting higher education.

Manage Student Performance in Real Time

The fundamental goal of our education systems is to ensure that every student is successful. Addressing academic performance issues early, before they become too severe, is the best way to ensure that students achieve their full potential, remain in school and graduate on time. Download this white paper to learn how Predictive Analytics for Student Performance can help you proactively identify students at risk of underperforming and deliver targeted interventions to get them back on track.


Enabling BYOD for Education

The idea of bring your own device (BYOD) for connectivity has been well recognized in most networking environments. This trend has only increased in recent years as more students have turned to personal computing devices as study aides as connectivity has become easier and costs have fallen. This white paper explores the impact of BYOD on modern education network environments through education-specific cases and a deeper look at the evolving needs of wired and wireless network access on campus.


Creating the Digital Campus

Many institutions are ill equipped to transition to new ways of doing business. The journey requires the proper mix of planning, piloting, training, and marketing of successes that align business goals, such as improved student academic results, increased capture of research grants, and budgetary cost savings. This white paper outlines how higher education institutions can effectively deploy collaborative technology solutions to address market challenges, overcome institutional barriers, and transform education.


Wake Forest University Enriches the Education Experience with Pioneering Use of Collaboration Technology

Continuing its tradition of technology innovation, Wake Forest reinvents the classroom and forges stronger links among students, teachers, and administrators with advanced collaboration and social media solutions.

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New Approach to Classroom Polling Engages Students, Instructors

At the University of South Carolina in Columbia, new classroom polling software is engaging students, raising exam grades, and saving instructor time. Download this exclusive Digital Dialogue to learn how Leslie Hendrix, an instructor in the statistics department, is using REEF Polling from i>clicker to positively impact her classroom.