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Enterprise Marketing Playbook Series: Lead Generation Metrics


In today’s marketing world, it’s crucial that marketers not only know how programs are performing, but also possess the data to prove that performance. To demonstrate the effectiveness of their campaigns, marketers need to set the right goals to measure. Read this playbook to learn how contemporary marketers measure and prove marketing ROI to get the proper credit for generating sales meetings and opportunities.

Enterprise Marketing Playbook Series: Lead Generation Testing and Optimization


Marketers have larger sends and bigger budgets, which increases their need to A/B test new techniques, layouts, and messaging for lead generation campaigns. Optimizing and improving conversion rates can make a big difference in marketing ROI, and lead to proven tactics and techniques organizations can adopt over time. Read this whitepaper to learn how and why.

The Forrester Wave: Lead-to-Revenue Management Platform Vendors


Lead-to-Revenue Management (L2RM) platform vendors are stepping up with tooling that enables customer-centric, multichannel, personalized marketing — at scale. Companies that have implemented an L2RM automation platform have seen results in both organizational maturity and business impact. Read this whitepaper to learn why according to a Forrester survey, L2RM platform users contribute more to the sales pipeline, have higher levels of process maturity, measure results more holistically and collaborate better with their sales colleagues.

Empowering Higher Education Relationship Management: It all Starts with Marketing


The educator-student relationship is critical to survive in today’s highly competitive higher education environment. With thousands of schools and tens of thousands of educators, the ability to market successfully is daunting and complex. Read this whitepaper to discover how and why relationships have become a critical piece of the marketing puzzle with the higher education system.

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The Great Equalizer: Delivering an Amazing Computing Experience to Every Student


Download this Industry Perspective special report to learn how virtualizing desktop workloads helps higher education deliver optimal IT services across the entire campus population in a BYOD world.

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Canvas and Brown University: Students and Faculty Speak, Brown University Listens: Canvas is the Choice


Marketplace innovations had Brown University re-evaluating its overall LMS strategy. Administrators were increasingly concerned that their current technologies were not keeping up. Download this case study to learn why Brown University chose Canvas.

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Addressing the Challenge of User Authentication on Campus


Download this Industry Perspective to see how a cost-effective security solution can deliver password resets, single-sign on, and better authentication on your campus.

Where is the Cloud Taking Data Centers?

Where is the Cloud Taking Data Centers?


The data center is evolving yet again. In the last 50 years, the architecture has experienced many changes and now the cloud has added a new dimension to the data center, redefining how organizations store information and deliver IT services. Download this informative report to learn how to achieve greater flexibility for your institution with cloud computing as well as discover the key factors to consider during a migration.